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Paraguay (; Spanish pronunciation: [paɾaˈɣwaj] (listen); Guarani: Paraguái, [paɾaˈɰwaj]), officially the Republic of Paraguay (Spanish: República del Paraguay; Guarani: Tetã Paraguái), is a country of South America. It is bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest. Although it is one of only two landlocked countries in South America (the other is Bolivia), the country has coasts, beaches and ports on the Paraguay and Paraná rivers that give exit to the Atlantic Ocean through the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway. Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as Corazón de Sudamérica ("Heart of South America").

Spanish conquistadores arrived in 1524 after navigating northwards from the Río de la Plata to the Paraná River, and finally up the Paraguay River. In 1537, they established the city of Asunción, which was the first capital of the Governorate of Paraguay and Río de la Plata. Paraguay was the epicenter of the Jesuit Missions, where the Guaraní people were educated and introduced to Christianity and European culture under the direction of the Society of Jesus in Jesuit reductions, mainly during the 17th century. However, after the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spanish territories in 1767, Paraguay increasingly became a peripheral colony, with few urban centers and settlers. Following independence from Spain at the beginning of the 19th century, Paraguay was ruled by a series of authoritarian governments who generally implemented nationalist, isolationist and protectionist policies. This period ended with the disastrous Paraguayan War, during which Paraguay lost at least 50% of its prewar population and around 25–33% of its territory to the Triple Alliance of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. In the 20th century, Paraguay faced another major international conflict – the Chaco War – against Bolivia, from which the Paraguayans emerged victorious. Afterwards, the country entered a period of military dictatorships, ending with the 35 year regime of Alfredo Stroessner that lasted until he was toppled in 1989 by an internal military coup. This marked the beginning of the "democratic era" of Paraguay.

With around 7 million inhabitants, Paraguay is a founding member of Mercosur, an original member of the United Nations, the Organization of American States, the Non-Aligned Movement and the Lima Group. Also, the city of Luque, in Asuncion's Metropolitan Area, is the seat of the CONMEBOL. The Guarani culture is very influential and more than 90% of the people speak different forms of the Guarani language in addition to Spanish. Paraguayans are known for being a very happy and easy-living people and many times the country has topped the "world's happiest place" charts because of the "positive experiences" lived and expressed by the population.

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AAbaí (Caazapa)   Acahay (Paraguari)   Alberdi (neembucU)   Altos (Cordillera)   Alto Verá (ItapUa)   Antequera (San Pedro)   Areguá (Central)   Arroyos y Esteros (Cordillera)   Asunción (Asunci on)   Atyrá (Cordillera)   Ayolas (Misiones)  

BBelén (Concepci on)   Bella Vista (ItapUa)   Bella Vista Norte (Amambay)   Benjamín Aceval (Presidente Hayes)   Boquerón (Caazapa)   Borja (Guaira)   Buena Vista (Caazapa)  

CCaacupé (Cordillera)   Caaguazú (CaaguazU)   Caapucú (Paraguari)   Caazapá (Caazapa)   Capi´ibary (San Pedro)   Capiatá (Central)   Capitán Bado (Amambay)   Capitán Mauricio José Troche (Guaira)   Capitán Meza (ItapUa)   Capitán Sosa (Concepci on)   Caraguatay (Cordillera)   Carapeguá (Paraguari)   Carayaó (CaaguazU)   Carlos Antonio López (ItapUa)   Carmen del Paraná (ItapUa)   Cecilio Báez (CaaguazU)   Choré (San Pedro)   Ciudad del Este (Alto Parana)   Concepción (Concepci on)   Coratei (Misiones)   Coronel Bogado (ItapUa)   Coronel Martínez (Guaira)   Coronel Oviedo (CaaguazU)   Corpus Christi (CanindeyU)   Cruce Guaraní (CanindeyU)   Curuguaty (CanindeyU)  

DDoctor Botrell (Guaira)   Doctor Juan Eulogio Estigarribia (CaaguazU)   Doctor Juan León Mallorquín (Alto Parana)   Doctor Juan Manuel Frutos (CaaguazU)   Doctor Moisés S. Bertoni (Caazapa)   Domingo Martínez de Irala (Alto Parana)  

EEdelira Km. 20 (ItapUa)   Emboscada (Cordillera)   Encarnación (ItapUa)   Eusebio Ayala (Cordillera)  

FFélix Pérez Cardozo (Guaira)   Fernando de la Mora (Central)   Filadelfia (Boquer on)   Fuerte Olimpo (Alto Paraguay)  

GGeneral Artigas (ItapUa)   General Bernardino Caballero (CanindeyU)   General Bernardino Caballero (Paraguari)   General Elizardo Aquino (San Pedro)   General Francisco Caballero Álvarez (CanindeyU)   General Higinio Morínigo (Caazapa)   General Isidoro Resquin (San Pedro)   General José Eduvigis Díaz (neembucU)   Guarambaré (Central)   Guayaibí (San Pedro)  

HHernandarias (Alto Parana)   Hohenau (ItapUa)   Horqueta (Concepci on)   Humaitá (neembucU)  

IIruña (Alto Parana)   Isla Pucú (Cordillera)   Itá (Central)   Itacurubí de la Cordillera (Cordillera)   Itacurubí del Rosario (San Pedro)   Itakyry (Alto Parana)   Itapé (Guaira)   Itapúa Poty (ItapUa)   Itauguá (Central)   Iturbe (Guaira)  

JJhugua Jhu (Central)   José A. Fassardi (Guaira)   José Domingo Ocampos (CaaguazU)   José Falcón (Presidente Hayes)   Juan Emilio O'Leary (Alto Parana)   Juan Sinforiano Bogarin (CaaguazU)   Julián Augusto Saldívar (Central)  

KKatueté (CanindeyU)  

LLa Colmena (Paraguari)   Lambaré (Central)   La Paloma del Espíritu Santo (CanindeyU)   Laureles (neembucU)   Lima (San Pedro)   Limpio (Central)   Loma Plata (Boquer on)   Loreto (Concepci on)   Los Cedrales (Alto Parana)   Luque (Central)  

MMariano Roque Alonso (Central)   Mariscal Estigarribia (Boquer on)   Mayor José D. Martínez (neembucU)   Mayor Julio Dionisio Otaño (ItapUa)   Mayor Pablo Lagerenza (Alto Paraguay)   Mbaracayú (Alto Parana)   Mbocayaty del Guairá (Guaira)   Mbocayaty del Yhaguy (Cordillera)   Minga Guazú (Alto Parana)   Minga Porá (Alto Parana)  

NÑacunday (Alto Parana)   Naranjal (Alto Parana)   Natalicio Talavera (Guaira)   Ñemby (Central)   Neu Halbstadt Neuland (Boquer on)   Nueva Esperanza (CanindeyU)   Nueva Germania (San Pedro)   Nueva Italia (Central)   Nueva Londres (CaaguazU)   Ñumí (Guaira)  

OObligado (ItapUa)  

PParaguarí (Paraguari)   Paso Barreto (Concepci on)   Paso de Patria (neembucU)   Paso Yobái (Guaira)   Pedro Juan Caballero (Amambay)   Pilar (neembucU)   Pirapó (ItapUa)   Piribebuy (Cordillera)   Pozo Colorado (Presidente Hayes)   Presidente Franco (Alto Parana)   Primero de Marzo (Cordillera)   Puerto Casado (Alto Paraguay)   Puerto Falcón (Presidente Hayes)   Puerto Pinasco (Concepci on)   Puerto Triunfo (ItapUa)  

QQuiindy (Paraguari)   Quyquyhó (Paraguari)  

RRaúl Arsenio Oviedo (CaaguazU)   Remansito (Presidente Hayes)  

SSalto del Guairá (CanindeyU)   San Agustín (Caazapa)   San Alberto (Alto Parana)   San Antonio (Central)   San Bernardino (Central)   San Carlos del Apa (Concepci on)   San Estanislao (San Pedro)   San Francisco (Caazapa)   San Ignacio Guazú (Misiones)   San Joaquín (CaaguazU)   San José de los Arroyos (CaaguazU)   San José Obrero (Cordillera)   San Juan Bautista (Misiones)   San Juan Nepomuceno (Caazapa)   San Lorenzo (Central)   San Miguel (Misiones)   San Pablo (San Pedro)   San Patricio (Misiones)   San Pedro del Paraná (ItapUa)   San Pedro del Ycuamandyyú (San Pedro)   San Roque (San Pedro)   San Roque Gonzáles de Santa Cruz (Paraguari)   San Roque González de Santa Cruz (Guaira)   San Salvador (Guaira)   Santa Elena (Cordillera)   Santa María de Fe (Misiones)   Santa Rita (Alto Parana)   Santa Rosa (Misiones)   Santa Rosa del Aguaray (San Pedro)   Santa Rosa del Mbutuy (CaaguazU)   Santa Rosa del Monday (Alto Parana)   Santiago (Misiones)   Santo Domingo 32 (Alto Parana)   Sapucaí (Paraguari)   Simón Bolívar (CaaguazU)  

TTavaí (Caazapa)   Tavapy (Alto Parana)   Tebicuary mí (Guaira)   Tembiaporá (CaaguazU)   Tobatí (Cordillera)   Toledo (CaaguazU)   Tomás Romero Pereira (ItapUa)   Tres de Febrero (CaaguazU)  

UUnión (San Pedro)  

VVallemí (Concepci on)   Vaquería (CaaguazU)   Villa del Rosario (San Pedro)   Villa Elisa (Central)   Villa Florida (Misiones)   Villa Hayes (Presidente Hayes)   Villalbín (neembucU)   Villa Oliva (neembucU)   Villarrica (Guaira)   Villa Ygatimí (CanindeyU)  

YYaguarón (Paraguari)   Yataity del Guairá (Guaira)   Yataity del Norte (San Pedro)   Yatytay (ItapUa)   Ybycuí (Paraguari)   Yby Yaú (Concepci on)   Yguazú (Alto Parana)   Yhovy (CaaguazU)   Yhú (CaaguazU)   Ypacaraí (Central)   Ypané (Central)   Ypejhú (CanindeyU)   Yuty (Caazapa)  

ZZanja Pytá (Amambay)  
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