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Poland (Polish: Polska [ˈpɔlska] (listen)), officially the Republic of Poland (Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska [ʐɛt͡ʂpɔˈspɔlita ˈpɔlska] (listen)), is a country located in Central Europe. It is divided into 16 administrative subdivisions, covering an area of 312,696 square kilometres (120,733 sq mi), and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. With a population of approximately 38.5 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the European Union. Poland's capital and largest metropolis is Warsaw. Other major cities include Kraków, Łódź, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, and Szczecin.

Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea, Lithuania, and Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast to the north, Belarus and Ukraine to the east, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the south, and Germany to the west.

The establishment of the Polish state can be traced back to AD 966, when Mieszko I, ruler of the realm coextensive with the territory of present-day Poland, converted to Christianity. The Kingdom of Poland was founded in 1025, and in 1569 it cemented its longstanding political association with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania by signing the Union of Lublin. This union formed the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, one of the largest (about 1,000,000 square kilometres (390,000 sq mi)) and most populous countries of 16th and 17th century Europe, with a uniquely liberal political system which adopted Europe's first written national constitution, the Constitution of 3 May 1791.

More than a century after the Partitions of Poland at the end of the 18th century, Poland regained its independence in 1918 with the Treaty of Versailles. In September 1939, World War II started with the invasion of Poland by Germany, followed by the Soviet Union invading Poland in accordance with the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. More than six million Polish citizens, including 90% of the country's Jews, perished in the war. In 1947, the Polish People's Republic was established as a satellite state under Soviet influence. In the aftermath of the Revolutions of 1989, most notably through the emergence of the Solidarity movement, Poland reestablished itself as a presidential democratic republic.

Poland has a developed market and is a regional power in Central Europe, with the largest Stock Exchange in the East-Central European zone. It has the sixth largest economy by GDP (PPP) in the European Union and one of the most dynamic economies in the world, simultaneously achieving a very high rank on the Human Development Index. Poland is a developed country, which maintains a high-income economy along with very high standards of living, life quality, safety, education, and economic freedom. The country has a developed school educational system, and also provides free university education, state-funded social security, and a universal health care system for all citizens. Poland has 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 15 of which are cultural. Poland is a member state of the European Union, the Schengen Area, the United Nations, NATO, the OECD, the Three Seas Initiative, and the Visegrád Group.

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Aabiszyn (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   abno (Lesser Poland)   acut (Subcarpathian)   aga (Lubusz)   Aleksandrów Kujawski (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Aleksandrów ódzki (L odz)   Alwernia (Lesser Poland)   Andrychów (Lesser Poland)   Annopol (Swietokrzyskie)   apy (Podlachian)   arki (Silesian)   arów (Lower Silesian)   ary (Lubusz)   asin (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   ask (L odz)   askarzew (Masovian)   aszczów (Lublin)   Augustów (Podlachian)   aziska Górne (Silesian)   azy (Silesian)  

BBabimost (Lubusz)   Baborów (Opole)   Bakaarzewo (Podlachian)   Baligród (Subcarpathian)   Baowa (Subcarpathian)   Baranów Sandomierski (Swietokrzyskie)   Barciany (Warmian Masurian)   Barcin (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Barczewo (Warmian Masurian)   Bardo (Lower Silesian)   Barlinek (West Pomeranian)   Bartoszyce (Warmian Masurian)   Barwice (West Pomeranian)   Baszki (L odz)   Bdzin (Silesian)   Bechatów (L odz)   Biaa (Opole)   Biaa Piska (Warmian Masurian)   Biaa Podlaska (Lublin)   Biaa Rawska (L odz)   Biaobrzegi (Masovian)   Biaogard (West Pomeranian)   Biaoliwie (Greater Poland)   Biay Bór (West Pomeranian)   Biaystok (Podlachian)   Biecz (Lesser Poland)   Bielawa (Lower Silesian)   Bielsko Biaa (Silesian)   Bielsk Podlaski (Podlachian)   Bieru (Silesian)   Bierutów (Lower Silesian)   Bieu (Masovian)   Bigoraj (Lublin)   Biskupiec (Warmian Masurian)   Bisztynek (Warmian Masurian)   Blachownia (Silesian)   Bobolice (West Pomeranian)   Bobowa (Lesser Poland)   Bochnia (Lesser Poland)   Bodzentyn (Swietokrzyskie)   Bogatynia (Lower Silesian)   Boguchwaa (Subcarpathian)   Boguszów Gorce (Lower Silesian)   Bojanowo (Greater Poland)   Bolesawiec (Lower Silesian)   Bolków (Lower Silesian)   Bonie (Masovian)   Borek Wielkopolski (Greater Poland)   Borne Sulinowo (West Pomeranian)   Braniewo (Warmian Masurian)   Brask (Podlachian)   Brodnica (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Brok (Masovian)   Brusy (Pomeranian)   Brwinów (Masovian)   Brzeg (Opole)   Brzeg Dolny (Lower Silesian)   Brzesko (Lesser Poland)   Brzeszcze (Lesser Poland)   Brzeziny (L odz)   Brzostek (Subcarpathian)   Brzozów (Subcarpathian)   Budzy (Greater Poland)   Buk (Greater Poland)   Bukowno (Lesser Poland)   Bukowsko (Subcarpathian)   Busko Zdrój (Swietokrzyskie)   Bychawa (Lublin)   Byczyna (L odz)   Bydgoszcz (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Bystrzyca Kodzka (Lower Silesian)   Bytom (Silesian)   Bytom Odrzaski (Lubusz)   Bytów (Pomeranian)  

CCedynia (West Pomeranian)   Celestynów (Masovian)   Chciny (Swietokrzyskie)   Chem (Lublin)   Chema (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Chemek (Silesian)   Chemno (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Chmielnik (Swietokrzyskie)   Chocianów (Lower Silesian)   Chociwel (West Pomeranian)   Chocz (Greater Poland)   Chodecz (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Chodzie (Greater Poland)   Chojna (West Pomeranian)   Chojnice (Pomeranian)   Chojnów (Lower Silesian)   Choroszcz (Podlachian)   Chorzele (Masovian)   Chorzów (Silesian)   Choszczno (West Pomeranian)   Chrzanów (Lesser Poland)   Ciechanów (Masovian)   Ciechanowiec (Podlachian)   Ciechocinek (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Cieszanów (Subcarpathian)   Cieszyn (Silesian)   cinawa (Lower Silesian)   Cybinka (Lubusz)   Czaplinek (West Pomeranian)   Czarna Biaostocka (Podlachian)   Czarna Woda (Pomeranian)   Czarne (Pomeranian)   Czarnków (Greater Poland)   Czchów (Lesser Poland)   Czechowice Dziedzice (Silesian)   Czelad (Silesian)   Czempi (Greater Poland)   Czerniejewo (Greater Poland)   Czersk (Pomeranian)   Czerwiesk (Lubusz)   Czerwionka Leszczyny (Silesian)   Czopa (West Pomeranian)   Czstochowa (Silesian)   Czuchów (Pomeranian)   Czyew (Podlachian)  

DDaleszyce (Swietokrzyskie)   Darowo (West Pomeranian)   Dbica (Subcarpathian)   Dbie (Greater Poland)   Dblin (Lublin)   Dbno (West Pomeranian)   Dbrowa Biaostocka (Podlachian)   Dbrowa Górnicza (Silesian)   Dbrowa Tarnowska (Lesser Poland)   Debrzno (Pomeranian)   Dobczyce (Lesser Poland)   Dobiegniew (Lubusz)   Dobra (West Pomeranian)   Dobre Miasto (Warmian Masurian)   Dobrodzie (Opole)   Dobrzany (West Pomeranian)   Dobrzyca (Greater Poland)   Dolsk (Greater Poland)   Drawno (West Pomeranian)   Drawsko Pomorskie (West Pomeranian)   Drezdenko (Lubusz)   Drobin (Masovian)   Drohiczyn (Podlachian)   Drzewica (L odz)   Dukla (Subcarpathian)   Duszniki Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Dynów (Subcarpathian)   Dziadowo (Warmian Masurian)   Dziaoszyce (Swietokrzyskie)   Dziaoszyn (L odz)   Dzieroniów (Lower Silesian)   Dzierzgo (Pomeranian)   Dziwnów (West Pomeranian)  

Eeba (Pomeranian)   Ek (Warmian Masurian)   Elblg (Warmian Masurian)   elechów (Masovian)   erków (Greater Poland)  

FFalkowa (Lesser Poland)   Filipów (Podlachian)   Frampol (Lublin)   Frombork (Warmian Masurian)  

GGardeja (Pomeranian)   Gartz Oder (West Pomeranian)   Garwolin (Masovian)   Gbin (Masovian)   Gdask (Pomeranian)   Gdynia (Pomeranian)   Giycko (Warmian Masurian)   Glinojeck (Masovian)   Gliwice (Silesian)   Gniew (Pomeranian)   Gniewkowo (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Gniezno (Greater Poland)   Goacz (Greater Poland)   Gocino (West Pomeranian)   Godap (Warmian Masurian)   Gogolin (Opole)   Gogów (Lower Silesian)   Gogówek (Opole)   Gogów Maopolski (Subcarpathian)   Golczewo (West Pomeranian)   Goleniów (West Pomeranian)   Goleszyn (Masovian)   Golina (Greater Poland)   Golub Dobrzy (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Gonidz (Podlachian)   Góra (Lower Silesian)   Góra Kalwaria (Masovian)   Gorlice (Lesser Poland)   Górowo Iaweckie (Warmian Masurian)   Górzno (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Gorzów lski (Opole)   Gorzów Wielkopolski (Lubusz)   Gosty (Greater Poland)   Gostynin (Masovian)   Gowno (L odz)   Gozdnica (Lower Silesian)   Grabów nad Prosn (Greater Poland)   Grajewo (Podlachian)   Grodków (Opole)   Grodzisk Mazowiecki (Masovian)   Grodzisk Wielkopolski (Greater Poland)   Grójec (Masovian)   Grudusk (Masovian)   Grudzidz (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Grybów (Lesser Poland)   Gryfice (West Pomeranian)   Gryfino (West Pomeranian)   Gryfów lski (Lower Silesian)   Gubczyce (Opole)   Guben (Lubusz)   Gubin (Lubusz)   Guchoazy (Opole)   Guszyca (Lower Silesian)  

HHajnówka (Podlachian)   Halinów (Masovian)   Hel (Pomeranian)   Hrubieszów (Lublin)  

IIawa (Warmian Masurian)   Imielin (Silesian)   Inowrocaw (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Iowa (Lubusz)   Iowo Osada (Warmian Masurian)   Isko (West Pomeranian)   Iwonicz Zdrój (Subcarpathian)   Izbica Kujawska (Kuyavian Pomeranian)  

JJabonowo Pomorskie (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Janikowo (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Janów (Silesian)   Janowiec Wielkopolski (Greater Poland)   Janówka (Podlachian)   Janów Lubelski (Lublin)   Janów Podlaski (Lublin)   Jarocin (Greater Poland)   Jarosaw (Subcarpathian)   Jasie (Lubusz)   Jaso (Subcarpathian)   Jastarnia (Pomeranian)   Jastrowie (Greater Poland)   Jastrzbie Zdrój (Silesian)   Jawor (Lower Silesian)   Jaworzno (Silesian)   Jaworzyna lska (Lower Silesian)   Jdrzejów (Swietokrzyskie)   Jedlicze (Subcarpathian)   Jedlina Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Jedwabne (Podlachian)   Jelcz Laskowice (Lower Silesian)   Jelenia Góra (Lower Silesian)   Jeleniewo (Podlachian)   Jeziorany (Warmian Masurian)   Jordanów (Lesser Poland)   Józefów (Lublin)   Józefów (Masovian)   Jutrosin (Greater Poland)  

KKaczuga (Subcarpathian)   Kalety (Silesian)   Kalinowo (Podlachian)   Kalisz (Greater Poland)   Kalisz Pomorski (West Pomeranian)   Kalwaria Zebrzydowska (Lesser Poland)   Kamie Krajeski (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Kamienna Góra (Lower Silesian)   Kamie Pomorski (West Pomeranian)   Kamiesk (L odz)   Karczew (Masovian)   Kargowa (Lubusz)   Karlino (West Pomeranian)   Karpacz (Lower Silesian)   Kartuzy (Pomeranian)   Katowice (Silesian)   Kauszyn (Masovian)   Kazimierza Wielka (Swietokrzyskie)   Kazimierz Dolny (Lublin)   Kcynia (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Kdzierzyn Kole (Opole)   Kecko (Greater Poland)   Kielce (Swietokrzyskie)   Kietrz (Opole)   Kisielice (Warmian Masurian)   Kleczew (Greater Poland)   Kleszczele (Podlachian)   Kluczbork (Opole)   Knurów (Silesian)   Knyszyn (Podlachian)   Koaczyce (Subcarpathian)   Kobiel (Masovian)   Kobuck (Silesian)   K obuck (Silesian)   Kobyka (Masovian)   Kobylin (Greater Poland)   Kocian (Greater Poland)   Kocierzyna (Pomeranian)   Kock (Lublin)   Kodawa (Greater Poland)   Kodzko (Lower Silesian)   Kolbuszowa (Subcarpathian)   Kolno (Podlachian)   Kolonowskie (Opole)   Koluszki (L odz)   Komin Wielkopolski (Greater Poland)   Koniecpol (Silesian)   Konin (Greater Poland)   Konstancin Jeziorna (Masovian)   Konstantynów ódzki (L odz)   Koo (Greater Poland)   Koobrzeg (West Pomeranian)   Koprzywnica (Swietokrzyskie)   Korfantów (Opole)   Kórnik (Greater Poland)   Koronowo (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Korsze (Warmian Masurian)   Koskie (Swietokrzyskie)   Kosów Lacki (Masovian)   Kostrzyn (Greater Poland)   Kostrzyn nad Odr (Lubusz)   Koszalin (West Pomeranian)   Kouchów (Lubusz)   Kowal (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Kowalewo Pomorskie (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Kowary (Lower Silesian)   Koziegowy (Silesian)   Kozienice (Masovian)   Kozów (Lesser Poland)   Kpice (West Pomeranian)   Kpno (Greater Poland)   Krajenka (Greater Poland)   Kraków (Lesser Poland)   Kranik (Lublin)   Krapkowice (Opole)   Krasnobród (Lublin)   Krasnystaw (Lublin)   Krobia (Greater Poland)   Kroniewice (L odz)   Krosno (Subcarpathian)   Krosno Odrzaskie (Lubusz)   Krotoszyn (Greater Poland)   Kruszwica (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Krynica Morska (Pomeranian)   Krynica Zdrój (Lesser Poland)   Krynki (Podlachian)   Krzanowice (Silesian)   Krzepice (Silesian)   Krzeszowice (Lesser Poland)   Krzywi (Greater Poland)   Krzy Wielkopolski (Lubusz)   Ktrzyn (Warmian Masurian)   Kty (Lesser Poland)   Kty Wrocawskie (Lower Silesian)   Kudowa Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Kunia Raciborska (Opole)   Kunów (Swietokrzyskie)   Kutno (L odz)   Kwidzyn (Pomeranian)   Kwilcz (Greater Poland)  

LLbork (Pomeranian)   Ldek Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Ldziny (Silesian)   Leajsk (Subcarpathian)   Legionowo (Masovian)   Legnica (Lower Silesian)   Lena (Lower Silesian)   Lenica (Opole)   lesin (Greater Poland)   Lesko (Subcarpathian)   Leszno (Greater Poland)   Lewin Brzeski (Opole)   Lewin Kodzki (Lower Silesian)   Lidzbark (Warmian Masurian)   Lidzbark Warmiski (Warmian Masurian)   Limanowa (Lesser Poland)   Lipiany (West Pomeranian)   Lipno (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Lipsk (Podlachian)   Lipsko (Masovian)   Luba (Lower Silesian)   Lubaczów (Subcarpathian)   Lubartów (Lublin)   Lubawa (Warmian Masurian)   Lubawka (Lower Silesian)   Lubie Kujawski (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Lubin (Lower Silesian)   Lublin (Lublin)   Lubliniec (Silesian)   Lubniewice (Lubusz)   Lubo (Greater Poland)   Lubomierz (Lower Silesian)   Lubraniec (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Lubsko (Lubusz)   Lwówek (Greater Poland)   Lwówek lski (Lower Silesian)  

MMaków Mazowiecki (Masovian)   Maków Podhalaski (Lesser Poland)   Malbork (Pomeranian)   Maogoszcz (Swietokrzyskie)   Maomice (Lubusz)   Margonin (Greater Poland)   Marki (Masovian)   Maszewo (West Pomeranian)   Mawa (Warmian Masurian)   Miakowo (Warmian Masurian)   Miasteczko lskie (Silesian)   Miastko (Pomeranian)   Michaowo (Podlachian)   Midzybórz (Greater Poland)   Midzychód (Greater Poland)   Midzylesie (Lower Silesian)   Midzyrzec Podlaski (Lublin)   Midzyrzecz (Lubusz)   Midzyzdroje (West Pomeranian)   Miechów (Lesser Poland)   Miejska Górka (Greater Poland)   Mielec (Subcarpathian)   Mielno (West Pomeranian)   mielów (Swietokrzyskie)   Mieroszów (Lower Silesian)   Mieszkowice (West Pomeranian)   migiel (Greater Poland)   migród (Lower Silesian)   Mikoajki (Warmian Masurian)   Mikoajki Pomorskie (Pomeranian)   Mikoów (Silesian)   Mikstat (Greater Poland)   Milanówek (Masovian)   Milicz (Lower Silesian)   Miomyn (Warmian Masurian)   Miosaw (Greater Poland)   Mirosawiec (West Pomeranian)   Mirsk (Lower Silesian)   Misk Mazowiecki (Masovian)   Modliborzyce (Lublin)   Mogielnica (Masovian)   Mogilno (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Moki (Podlachian)   Mordy (Masovian)   Morg (Warmian Masurian)   Mory (West Pomeranian)   Mosina (Greater Poland)   Mrgowo (Warmian Masurian)   Mrocza (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Mrozy (Masovian)   Mszana Dolna (Lesser Poland)   Mszczonów (Masovian)   Murowana Golina (Greater Poland)   Muszyna (Lesser Poland)   Mylenice (Lesser Poland)   Mylibórz (West Pomeranian)   Mynary (Warmian Masurian)   Mysowice (Silesian)   Myszków (Silesian)   Myszyniec (Masovian)  

NNako nad Noteci (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Namysów (Opole)   Narol (Subcarpathian)   Nasielsk (Masovian)   Nekla (Greater Poland)   niadowo (Podlachian)   Nidzica (Warmian Masurian)   Niemcza (Lower Silesian)   Niemodlin (Opole)   Niepoomice (Lesser Poland)   Nieszawa (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   nin (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Nisko (Subcarpathian)   Nowa Dba (Subcarpathian)   Nowa Ruda (Lower Silesian)   Nowa Sarzyna (Subcarpathian)   Nowa Sól (Lubusz)   Nowe (Pomeranian)   Nowe Brzesko (Lesser Poland)   Nowe Miasteczko (Lubusz)   Nowe Miasto (Masovian)   Nowe Miasto Lubawskie (Warmian Masurian)   Nowe Miasto nad Pilic (Masovian)   Nowe Skalmierzyce (Greater Poland)   Nowe Warpno (West Pomeranian)   Nowinka (Podlachian)   Nowogard (West Pomeranian)   Nowogród (Podlachian)   Nowogród Bobrzaski (Lubusz)   Nowogrodziec (Lower Silesian)   Nowy Dwór Gdaski (Pomeranian)   Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki (Masovian)   Nowy Scz (Lesser Poland)   Nowy Staw (Pomeranian)   Nowy Targ (Lesser Poland)   Nowy Tomyl (Greater Poland)   Nowy Winicz (Lesser Poland)   Nysa (Opole)  

OOarów (Swietokrzyskie)   Oarów Mazowiecki (Masovian)   Oawa (Lower Silesian)   obenica (Greater Poland)   obez (West Pomeranian)   Oborniki (Greater Poland)   Oborniki lskie (Lower Silesian)   Obrzycko (Greater Poland)   ochów (Masovian)   ód (L odz)   Odolanów (Greater Poland)   Ogrodzieniec (Silesian)   Okonek (Greater Poland)   Olecko (Podlachian)   Olenica (Lower Silesian)   Olesno (Opole)   Oleszyce (Subcarpathian)   Olkusz (Lesser Poland)   Olszanica (Lower Silesian)   Olsztyn (Warmian Masurian)   Olsztynek (Warmian Masurian)   Olszyna (Lower Silesian)   oma (Podlachian)   omianki (Masovian)   Ono Lubuskie (Lubusz)   Opalenica (Greater Poland)   Opatów (Swietokrzyskie)   Opoczno (L odz)   Opole (Opole)   Opole Lubelskie (Lublin)   Orchowo (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Orneta (Warmian Masurian)   ory (Silesian)   Orzesze (Silesian)   Orzysz (Warmian Masurian)   osice (Masovian)   Osieczna (Greater Poland)   Osiek (Swietokrzyskie)   Osielsko (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Ostróda (Warmian Masurian)   Ostroróg (Greater Poland)   Ostrowiec witokrzyski (Swietokrzyskie)   Ostrów Lubelski (Lublin)   Ostrów Mazowiecka (Masovian)   Ostrów Wielkopolski (Greater Poland)   Ostrzeszów (Greater Poland)   Otmuchów (Opole)   Otwock (Masovian)   Owicim (Lesser Poland)   owicz (L odz)   Ozimek (Opole)   Ozorków (L odz)  

PPabianice (L odz)   Paczków (Opole)   Pajczno (L odz)   Parczew (Lublin)   Pasym (Warmian Masurian)   Peczyce (West Pomeranian)   Pelplin (Pomeranian)   Pia (Greater Poland)   Piaseczno (Masovian)   Piaski (Lublin)   Piastów (Masovian)   Piawa Górna (Lower Silesian)   Piczów (Swietokrzyskie)   Piechcin (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Piechowice (Lower Silesian)   Piecki (Warmian Masurian)   Piekary lskie (Silesian)   Piesk (Lower Silesian)   Pieszyce (Lower Silesian)   Pilawa (Masovian)   Pilica (Silesian)   Pilzno (Subcarpathian)   Pionki (Masovian)   Piotrków Kujawski (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Piotrków Trybunalski (L odz)   Pisz (Warmian Masurian)   Piwniczna Zdrój (Lesser Poland)   Pleszew (Greater Poland)   Pniewy (Greater Poland)   Poaniec (Swietokrzyskie)   Pobiedziska (Greater Poland)   Pock (Masovian)   Poczyn Zdrój (West Pomeranian)   Poddbice (L odz)   Podkowa Lena (Masovian)   Pogorzela (Greater Poland)   Polanica Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Polanów (West Pomeranian)   Police (West Pomeranian)   Polkowice (Lower Silesian)   Poniatowa (Lublin)   Poniec (Greater Poland)   Porba (Silesian)   Posk (Masovian)   Poty (West Pomeranian)   Pozna (Greater Poland)   Prabuty (Pomeranian)   Praszka (Opole)   Prochowice (Lower Silesian)   Prószków (Opole)   Proszowice (Lesser Poland)   Pruchnik (Subcarpathian)   Prudnik (Opole)   Prusice (Lower Silesian)   Pruszcz Gdaski (Pomeranian)   Pruszków (Masovian)   Przasnysz (Masovian)   Przecaw (Subcarpathian)   Przedbórz (L odz)   Przedecz (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Przemków (Lower Silesian)   Przemyl (Subcarpathian)   Przerol (Podlachian)   Przeworsk (Subcarpathian)   Przysucha (Masovian)   Pszczyna (Silesian)   Pszów (Silesian)   Puawy (Lublin)   Puck (Pomeranian)   Puszczykowo (Greater Poland)   Putusk (Masovian)   Pyrzyce (West Pomeranian)   Pyskowice (Silesian)   Pyzdry (Greater Poland)  

RRabka Zdrój (Lesser Poland)   Racibórz (Silesian)   Raczki (Podlachian)   Radków (Lower Silesian)   Radlin (Silesian)   Radom (Masovian)   Radomsko (L odz)   Radomyl Wielki (Subcarpathian)   Radów (Lesser Poland)   Radymno (Subcarpathian)   Radziejów (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Radzionków (Silesian)   Radzy Chemiski (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Radzymin (Masovian)   Radzy Podlaski (Lublin)   Rajgród (Podlachian)   Rakoniewice (Greater Poland)   Raszków (Greater Poland)   Rawa Mazowiecka (L odz)   Rawicz (Greater Poland)   Recz (West Pomeranian)   Reda (Pomeranian)   Rejowiec Fabryczny (Lublin)   rem (Greater Poland)   Resko (West Pomeranian)   Reszel (Warmian Masurian)   Rewal (West Pomeranian)   Róan (Masovian)   roda lska (Lower Silesian)   roda Wielkopolska (Greater Poland)   Rogono (Greater Poland)   Ropczyce (Subcarpathian)   Ruciane Nida (Warmian Masurian)   Ruda lska (Silesian)   Rudna (Lower Silesian)   Rudnik nad Sanem (Subcarpathian)   Rumia (Pomeranian)   Rutka Tartak (Podlachian)   Rybnik (Silesian)   Rybno (Warmian Masurian)   Rychwa (Greater Poland)   Rydutowy (Silesian)   Rydzyna (Greater Poland)   Ryglice (Lesser Poland)   Ryki (Lublin)   Rymanów (Subcarpathian)   Ryn (Warmian Masurian)   Rypin (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Rzeped (Subcarpathian)   Rzepin (Lubusz)   Rzeszów (Subcarpathian)   Rzgów (L odz)  

SSandomierz (Swietokrzyskie)   Sanok (Subcarpathian)   Sawa (Lubusz)   Sawków (Silesian)   Sawno (West Pomeranian)   Sdziszów (Swietokrzyskie)   Sdziszów Maopolski (Subcarpathian)   Sejny (Podlachian)   Serock (Masovian)   Seroczyn (Masovian)   Sianów (West Pomeranian)   Siechnice (Lower Silesian)   Siedlce (Masovian)   Siemianowice lskie (Silesian)   Siemiatycze (Podlachian)   Sieniawa (Subcarpathian)   Sieradz (L odz)   Sieraków (Greater Poland)   Sierpc (Masovian)   Siewierz (Silesian)   Silno (Pomeranian)   Skaa (Lesser Poland)   Skalbmierz (Swietokrzyskie)   Skarszewy (Pomeranian)   Skarysko Kamienna (Masovian)   Skaryszew (Masovian)   Skawina (Lesser Poland)   Skierniewice (L odz)   Skoczów (Silesian)   Skoki (Greater Poland)   Skórcz (Pomeranian)   Skpe (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Skwierzyna (Lubusz)   Sobótka (Lower Silesian)   Sochaczew (Masovian)   Sokóka (Podlachian)   Sokoów Maopolski (Subcarpathian)   Sokoów Podlaski (Masovian)   Solec Kujawski (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Somniki (Lesser Poland)   Sompolno (Greater Poland)   Sonicowice (Silesian)   Sopot (Pomeranian)   Sosnowiec (Silesian)   Spólno Krajeskie (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Spopol (Warmian Masurian)   Srokowo (Warmian Masurian)   Stalowa Wola (Subcarpathian)   Starachowice (Swietokrzyskie)   Stargard Szczeciski (West Pomeranian)   Starogard Gdaski (Pomeranian)   Stary Scz (Lesser Poland)   Staszów (Swietokrzyskie)   Stawiski (Podlachian)   Stawiszyn (Greater Poland)   Stepnica (West Pomeranian)   Stoczek ukowski (Lublin)   Stopnica (Swietokrzyskie)   Stporków (Swietokrzyskie)   Stronie lskie (Lower Silesian)   Strumie (Silesian)   Stryków (L odz)   Strzakowo (Greater Poland)   Strzegom (Lower Silesian)   Strzelce Krajeskie (Lubusz)   Strzelce Opolskie (Opole)   Strzelin (Lower Silesian)   Strzelno (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Strzyów (Subcarpathian)   Stszew (Greater Poland)   Subice (Lubusz)   Sucha Beskidzka (Lesser Poland)   Sucha (West Pomeranian)   Suchedniów (Swietokrzyskie)   Suchowola (Podlachian)   Sukowice (Lesser Poland)   Sulcin (Lubusz)   Sulechów (Lubusz)   Sulejów (L odz)   Sulejówek (Masovian)   Sulmierzyce (Greater Poland)   Supca (Greater Poland)   Supral (Podlachian)   Supsk (Pomeranian)   Sura (Podlachian)   Susz (Warmian Masurian)   Suwaki (Podlachian)   Swarzdz (Greater Poland)   Syców (Greater Poland)   Szadek (L odz)   Szamocin (Greater Poland)   Szamotuy (Greater Poland)   Szczawnica (Lesser Poland)   Szczawno Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Szczebrzeszyn (Lublin)   Szczecin (West Pomeranian)   Szczecinek (West Pomeranian)   Szczekociny (Silesian)   Szczucin (Swietokrzyskie)   Szczuczyn (Podlachian)   Szczyrk (Silesian)   Szczytna (Lower Silesian)   Szczytno (Warmian Masurian)   Szepietowo (Podlachian)   Szklarska Porba (Lower Silesian)   Szlichtyngowa (Lubusz)   Szprotawa (Lubusz)   Sztum (Pomeranian)   Szubin (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Szydowiec (Masovian)   Szypliszki (Podlachian)  

TTarczyn (Masovian)   Tarnobrzeg (Swietokrzyskie)   Tarnogród (Lublin)   Tarnów (Lesser Poland)   Tarnowskie Góry (Silesian)   Tczew (Pomeranian)   Terespol (Lublin)   Tolkmicko (Warmian Masurian)   Tomaszów Lubelski (Lublin)   Tomaszów Mazowiecki (L odz)   Toru (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Torzym (Lubusz)   Toszek (Silesian)   Trzcianka (Greater Poland)   Trzciel (Lubusz)   Trzcisko Zdrój (West Pomeranian)   Trzebiatów (West Pomeranian)   Trzebinia (Lesser Poland)   Trzebnica (Lower Silesian)   Trzemeszno (Greater Poland)   Tuchola (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Tuchów (Lesser Poland)   Tuczno (West Pomeranian)   Tuliszków (Greater Poland)   Turek (Greater Poland)   Tuszcz (Masovian)   Tuszynek (L odz)   Tuszyn (L odz)   Twardogóra (Lower Silesian)   Tychowo (West Pomeranian)   Tychy (Silesian)   Tyczyn (Subcarpathian)   Tykocin (Podlachian)   Tyszowce (Lublin)  

UUjazd (Opole)   Ujcie (Greater Poland)   uków (Lublin)   ukowo (Pomeranian)   ukta (Warmian Masurian)   Ulanów (Subcarpathian)   Uniejów (L odz)   uromin (Masovian)   Ustka (Pomeranian)   Ustro (Silesian)   Ustrzyki Dolne (Subcarpathian)  

VVidnava (Opole)  

W Wabrzych (Lower Silesian)   Wacz (West Pomeranian)   Wadowice (Lesser Poland)   Wadysawowo (Pomeranian)   Warka (Masovian)   Warszawa (Masovian)   Warta (L odz)   Wasilków (Podlachian)   Wbrzeno (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Wchock (Swietokrzyskie)   Wejherowo (Pomeranian)   Wgliniec (Lower Silesian)   Wgorzewo (Warmian Masurian)   Wgorzyno (West Pomeranian)   Wgrów (Masovian)   Wgrowiec (Greater Poland)   Wiajny (Podlachian)   Wicbork (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   widnica (Lower Silesian)   widnik (Lublin)   widwin (West Pomeranian)   wiebodzice (Lower Silesian)   wiebodzin (Lubusz)   wiecie (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Wielbark (Warmian Masurian)   Wiele (Greater Poland)   Wielichowo (Greater Poland)   Wieliczka (Lesser Poland)   Wielu (L odz)   wieradów Zdrój (Lower Silesian)   Wieruszów (L odz)   wierzawa (Lower Silesian)   Wilamowice (Lesser Poland)   Wilczta (Warmian Masurian)   winoujcie (West Pomeranian)   Wisa (Silesian)   Witkowo (Greater Poland)   Witnica (Lubusz)   witniki Górne (Lesser Poland)   witochowice (Silesian)   Wizów (Lower Silesian)   Wle (Lower Silesian)   Wocawek (Kuyavian Pomeranian)   Woczyn (Opole)   Wodawa (Lublin)   Wodzisaw lski (Silesian)   Wojcieszów (Lower Silesian)   Wojkowice (Silesian)   Wojnicz (Lesser Poland)   Wolbórz (L odz)   Wolbrom (Lesser Poland)   Wolin (West Pomeranian)   Wolsztyn (Greater Poland)   Woniki (Silesian)   Woomin (Masovian)   Woów (Lower Silesian)   Woszczowa (Swietokrzyskie)   Wrocaw (Lower Silesian)   Wronki (Greater Poland)   Wrzenia (Greater Poland)   Wschowa (Lubusz)   Wsosz (Lower Silesian)   Wymierzyce (Masovian)   Wyrzysk (Greater Poland)   Wysoka (Greater Poland)   Wysokie Mazowieckie (Podlachian)   Wyszków (Masovian)   Wyszogród (Masovian)  

Yychlin (Masovian)   yrardów (Masovian)   ywiec (Silesian)  

ZZabierzów (Lesser Poland)   Zabrze (Silesian)   Zabudów (Podlachian)   Zagórów (Greater Poland)   Zagórz (Subcarpathian)   Zakliczyn (Lesser Poland)   Zaklików (Subcarpathian)   Zakopane (Lesser Poland)   Zakroczym (Masovian)   Zalewo (Warmian Masurian)   Zambrów (Podlachian)   Zator (Lesser Poland)   Zawadzkie (Opole)   Zawichost (Swietokrzyskie)   Zawidów (Lower Silesian)   Zawiercie (Silesian)   Zbki (Masovian)   Zbkowice lskie (Lower Silesian)   Zbszy (Greater Poland)   Zbszynek (Lubusz)   Zduny (Greater Poland)   Zduska Wola (L odz)   Zdzieszowice (Opole)   Zelów (L odz)   Zgierz (L odz)   Zgorzelec (Lower Silesian)   Zibice (Lower Silesian)   Zielona Góra (Lubusz)   Zielonka (Masovian)   Zocieniec (West Pomeranian)   Zoczew (L odz)   Zotoryja (Lower Silesian)   Zotów (Greater Poland)   Zoty Stok (Lower Silesian)   Zwierzyniec (Lublin)   Zwole (Masovian)  
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