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Serbia (Serbian: Србија / Srbija [sř̩bija]), officially the Republic of Serbia (Serbian: Република Србија / Republika Srbija [repǔblika sř̩bija]), is a country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in the southern Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. The sovereign state borders Hungary to the north; Romania and Bulgaria to the east; Macedonia to the south; Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro to the west. The country claims a border with Albania through the disputed territory of Kosovo. Serbia numbers around 7 million residents. Its capital, Belgrade, ranks among the oldest and largest cities in southeastern Europe.

Following the Slavic migrations to the Balkans postdating the 6th century, Serbs established several sovereign states in the early Middle Ages which at times nominally recognized Byzantine, Frankish and Hungarian overrule. The Serbian Kingdom obtained recognition by the Vatican and Constantinople in 1217, reaching its peak in 1346 as a relatively short-lived Serbian Empire. By the mid-16th century, the entire modern-day Serbia was annexed by the Ottomans, at times interrupted by the Habsburg Empire, which started expanding towards Central Serbia from the end of the 17th century, while maintaining a foothold in modern-day Vojvodina. In the early 19th century, the Serbian Revolution established the nation-state as the region's first constitutional monarchy, which subsequently expanded its territory. Following disastrous casualties in World War I, and the subsequent unification of the former Habsburg crownland of Vojvodina (and other territories) with Serbia, the country co-founded Yugoslavia with other South Slavic peoples, which would exist in various political formations until the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. During the breakup of Yugoslavia, the country declared independence in April 1992 as Serbia formed a union with Montenegro, which was peacefully dissolved in 2006. In 2008, the parliament of the province of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence, with mixed responses from the international community.

Serbia is a member of the UN, CoE, OSCE, PfP, BSEC, CEFTA and it is acceding to the WTO. Since 2014 the country has been negotiating its EU accession with perspective of joining the European Union by 2025 and is the only country in the current enlargement agenda which is designated as "free" by Freedom House. Since 2007, Serbia formally adheres to the policy of military neutrality. An upper-middle income economy with a dominant service sector followed by the industrial sector and agriculture, the country ranks high by the Human Development Index (66th), Social Progress Index (45th) as well as the Global Peace Index (54th).

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AAda (Severno Banatski)   Adorjan (Severno Banatski)   Aleksandrovac (Rasinski)   Aleksandrovo (Srednje Banatski)   Aleksinac (Nisavski)   Alibunar (Juzno Banatski)   Apatin (Zapadno Backi)   Aradac (Srednje Banatski)   Arangelovac (sumadijski)   Arilje (Zlatiborski)  

BBac (Juzno Backi)   Backa Palanka (Juzno Backi)   Backa Topola (Severno Backi)   Backi Breg (Zapadno Backi)   Backi Petrovac (Juzno Backi)   Backo Gradiste (Juzno Backi)   Backo Petrovo Selo (Juzno Backi)   Badovinci (Macvanski)   Bajina Basta (Zlatiborski)   Banatska Topola (Severno Banatski)   Banatski Despotovac (Srednje Banatski)   Banatski Dvor (Srednje Banatski)   Banatski Karlovac (Juzno Banatski)   Banatsko Karadordevo (Srednje Banatski)   Banatsko Veliko Selo (Severno Banatski)   Banovo Polje (Macvanski)   Barajevo (Grad Beograd)   Baranda (Juzno Banatski)   Baric (Grad Beograd)   Barice (Juzno Banatski)   Basaid (Severno Banatski)   Batocina (sumadijski)   Becej (Juzno Backi)   Becmen (Grad Beograd)   Begejci (Srednje Banatski)   Bela Crkva (Juzno Banatski)   Bela Palanka (Pirotski)   Belegis (Grad Beograd)   Belgrade (Grad Beograd)   Belo Blato (Srednje Banatski)   Belotic (Macvanski)   Beocin (Juzno Backi)   Beska (Sremski)   Biljaca (Pcinjski)   Blace (Toplicki)   Bocar (Srednje Banatski)   Bogatic (Macvanski)   Bogojevo (Zapadno Backi)   Bogosavac (Macvanski)   Bojnik (Jablanicki)   Boka (Srednje Banatski)   Boljevac (Zajecarski)   Boljevci (Grad Beograd)   Bor (Borski)   Bosilegrad (Pcinjski)   Bosut (Sremski)   Botos (Srednje Banatski)   Brdarica (Macvanski)   Budanovci (Sremski)   Bujanovac (Pcinjski)  

CCacak (Moravicki)   Cajetina (Zlatiborski)   Celarevo (Juzno Backi)   Centa (Srednje Banatski)   Cestereg (Srednje Banatski)   Cicevac (Rasinski)   Coka (Severno Banatski)   Cokesina (Macvanski)   Cortanovci (Sremski)   Crepaja (Juzno Banatski)   Crna Bara (Macvanski)   Crna Trava (Jablanicki)   Cukarica (Grad Beograd)   Cuprija (Pomoravski)   Curug (Juzno Backi)  

DDebeljaca (Juzno Banatski)   Despotovac (Pomoravski)   Despotovo (Juzno Backi)   Dimitrovgrad (Pirotski)   Dobanovci (Grad Beograd)   Dobric (Macvanski)   Dobrica (Juzno Banatski)   Doljevac (Nisavski)   Donji Dobric (Macvanski)   Doroslovo (Zapadno Backi)   Draginje (Macvanski)   Drenovac (Sremski)   Dublje (Macvanski)   Durdevo (Juzno Backi)   Durici (Zlatiborski)  

EEcka (Srednje Banatski)   Elemir (Srednje Banatski)  

FFarkazdin (Srednje Banatski)  

GGadzin Han (Nisavski)   Gakovo (Zapadno Backi)   Gardinovci (Juzno Backi)   Glozan (Juzno Backi)   Glusci (Macvanski)   Golubinci (Sremski)   Gornji Breg (Severno Banatski)   Gornji Milanovac (Moravicki)   Grabovac (Grad Beograd)   Grabovci (Sremski)   Grocka (Juzno Banatski)   Gudurica (Juzno Banatski)  

HHajducica (Juzno Banatski)   Hetin (Srednje Banatski)   Hrtkovci (Sremski)  

IIdvor (Juzno Banatski)   Ilandza (Juzno Banatski)   Ingija (Sremski)   Irig (Sremski)   Ivanjica (Moravicki)   Izbiste (Juzno Banatski)  

JJagodina (Pomoravski)   Janosik (Juzno Banatski)   Jarak (Sremski)   Jarkovac (Srednje Banatski)   Jasa Tomic (Srednje Banatski)   Jazovo (Severno Banatski)   Jelenca (Macvanski)   Jermenovci (Juzno Banatski)   Jevremovac (Macvanski)   Joseva (Macvanski)  

KKanjiza (Severno Banatski)   Kikinda (Severno Banatski)   Kisac (Juzno Backi)   Klek (Srednje Banatski)   Klenak (Sremski)   Klenje (Macvanski)   Knic (sumadijski)   Knicanin (Srednje Banatski)   Knjazevac (Zajecarski)   Koceljeva (Macvanski)   Kolut (Zapadno Backi)   Konak (Srednje Banatski)   Kosjeric (Zlatiborski)   Kovacica (Juzno Banatski)   Kovilj (Juzno Backi)   Kovin (Juzno Banatski)   Kozjak (Juzno Banatski)   Kozjak (Macvanski)   Kragujevac (sumadijski)   Krajisnik (Srednje Banatski)   Kraljevo (Raski)   Krcedin (Sremski)   Krupanj (Macvanski)   Krusevac (Rasinski)   Kucevo (Branicevski)   Kula (Zapadno Backi)   Kulpin (Juzno Backi)   Kumane (Srednje Banatski)   Kupinovo (Sremski)   Kupusina (Zapadno Backi)   Kursumlija (Toplicki)   Kustilj (Juzno Banatski)  

LLagja e Poshtme (Pcinjski)   Lajkovac (Kolubarski)   Lapovo (sumadijski)   Lazarevac (Grad Beograd)   Lazarevo (Srednje Banatski)   Lebane (Jablanicki)   Leskovac (Jablanicki)   Lesnica (Macvanski)   Lipolist (Macvanski)   Ljig (Kolubarski)   Ljukovo (Sremski)   Lok (Juzno Backi)   Lokve (Juzno Banatski)   Lucani (Moravicki)   Lugavcina (Podunavski)   Lukicevo (Srednje Banatski)  

MMacvanska Mitrovica (Sremski)   Maglic (Juzno Backi)   Majdanpek (Borski)   Majur (Macvanski)   Mala Mostanica (Grad Beograd)   Mali Igos (Severno Backi)   Malo Crnice (Branicevski)   Margita (Juzno Banatski)   Meda (Srednje Banatski)   Medvega (Jablanicki)   Melenci (Srednje Banatski)   Merosina (Nisavski)   Metkovic (Macvanski)   Mihajlovo (Srednje Banatski)   Mionica (Kolubarski)   Miratovac (Pcinjski)   Mladenovac (Grad Beograd)   Mokrin (Severno Banatski)   Mol (Severno Banatski)   Mosorin (Juzno Backi)  

NNakovo (Severno Banatski)   Negotin (Borski)   Neuzina (Srednje Banatski)   Nikinci (Sremski)   Nikolinci (Juzno Banatski)   Nis (Nisavski)   Niska Banja (Nisavski)   Nova Crnja (Srednje Banatski)   Nova Pazova (Sremski)   Nova Varos (Zlatiborski)   Novi Banovci (Grad Beograd)   Novi Becej (Srednje Banatski)   Novi Beograd (Grad Beograd)   Novi Itebej (Srednje Banatski)   Novi Karlovci (Sremski)   Novi Knezevac (Severno Banatski)   Novi Kozarci (Severno Banatski)   Novi Pazar (Raski)   Novi Sad (Juzno Backi)   Novi Slankamen (Sremski)   Novo Milosevo (Srednje Banatski)   Novo Selo (Macvanski)  

OObrenovac (Grad Beograd)   Obrovac (Juzno Backi)   Odzaci (Zapadno Backi)   Opovo (Juzno Banatski)   Orlovat (Srednje Banatski)   Osecina (Kolubarski)   Osjecenik (Zlatiborski)   Ostojicevo (Severno Banatski)   Ostruznica (Grad Beograd)   Ovca (Grad Beograd)  

PPadej (Severno Banatski)   Padina (Juzno Banatski)   Palilula (Grad Beograd)   Pancevo (Juzno Banatski)   Paracin (Pomoravski)   Pavlis (Juzno Banatski)   Pecinci (Sremski)   Perlez (Srednje Banatski)   Petkovica (Macvanski)   Petrovac (Branicevski)   Petrovaradin (Juzno Backi)   Pirot (Pirotski)   Plandiste (Juzno Banatski)   Platicevo (Sremski)   Pocerski Pricinovic (Macvanski)   Pozarevac (Branicevski)   Pozega (Zlatiborski)   Presevo (Pcinjski)   Priboj (Zlatiborski)   Prigrevica (Zapadno Backi)   Prijepolje (Zlatiborski)   Prislonica (Moravicki)   Prnjavor (Macvanski)   Prokuplje (Toplicki)   Putinci (Sremski)  

RRaca (sumadijski)   Radenka (Branicevski)   Radenkovic (Sremski)   Radojevo (Srednje Banatski)   Rajince (Pcinjski)   Rakovica (Grad Beograd)   Raska (Raski)   Ravni Topolovac (Srednje Banatski)   Ravnje (Sremski)   Ravno Selo (Juzno Backi)   Razanj (Nisavski)   Rekovac (Pomoravski)   Ribari (Macvanski)   Ridica (Zapadno Backi)   Ruma (Sremski)   Rumenka (Juzno Backi)   Rumska (Macvanski)   Rusanj (Grad Beograd)   Rusko Selo (Severno Banatski)  

SSabac (Sremski)   Sajan (Severno Banatski)   Sajkas (Juzno Backi)   Sakule (Juzno Banatski)   Salas Crnobarski (Macvanski)   Salas Nocajski (Sremski)   Samos (Juzno Banatski)   Sanad (Severno Banatski)   Sasinci (Sremski)   Savski Venac (Grad Beograd)   Secanj (Srednje Banatski)   Sefkerin (Juzno Banatski)   Seleus (Juzno Banatski)   Senta (Severno Banatski)   Sevarice (Macvanski)   Sid (Sremski)   Simanovci (Sremski)   Sinosevic (Macvanski)   Sjenica (Zlatiborski)   Smederevo (Podunavski)   Smederevska Palanka (Podunavski)   Socol (Juzno Banatski)   Soko Banja (Zajecarski)   Sokolovica (Raski)   Sombor (Zapadno Backi)   Sonta (Zapadno Backi)   Sopot (Grad Beograd)   Srbobran (Juzno Backi)   Sremcica (Grad Beograd)   Sremska Mitrovica (Sremski)   Sremski Karlovci (Juzno Backi)   Srpska Crnja (Srednje Banatski)   Srpski Itebej (Srednje Banatski)   Stajicevo (Srednje Banatski)   Stanisic (Zapadno Backi)   Stara Pazova (Sremski)   Stari Banovci (Sremski)   Stari Grad (Grad Beograd)   Stari Lec (Juzno Banatski)   Stepanovicevo (Juzno Backi)   Stepojevac (Grad Beograd)   Stitar (Macvanski)   Stubline (Grad Beograd)   Subotica (Severno Backi)   Sumulice (Pcinjski)   Surcin (Grad Beograd)   Surduk (Srednje Banatski)   Surdulica (Pcinjski)   Sutjeska (Srednje Banatski)   Svilajnac (Pomoravski)   Svrljig (Nisavski)  

TTabanovic (Macvanski)   Taras (Srednje Banatski)   Temerin (Juzno Backi)   Tiszahegyes (Severno Banatski)   Titel (Srednje Banatski)   Toba (Srednje Banatski)   Tomasevac (Srednje Banatski)   Topola (sumadijski)   Torda (Srednje Banatski)   Trgoviste (Pcinjski)   Trstenik (Rasinski)   Turija (Branicevski)   Tutin (Raski)  

UUb (Kolubarski)   Ugrinovci (Grad Beograd)   Uljma (Juzno Banatski)   Umka (Grad Beograd)   Uzdin (Juzno Banatski)   Uzice (Zlatiborski)   Uzvece (Macvanski)  

VValjevo (Kolubarski)   Varvarin (Rasinski)   Velika Greda (Juzno Banatski)   Velika Mostanica (Grad Beograd)   Velika Plana (Podunavski)   Veliki Gaj (Juzno Banatski)   Veliko Srediste (Juzno Banatski)   Veternik (Juzno Backi)   Vilovo (Juzno Backi)   Visnjicevo (Sremski)   Vladicin Han (Pcinjski)   Vladimirci (Macvanski)   Vladimirovac (Juzno Banatski)   Vlajkovac (Juzno Banatski)   Vlasotince (Jablanicki)   Vojka (Sremski)   Vojvoda Stepa (Srednje Banatski)   Vozdovac (Grad Beograd)   Vracar (Grad Beograd)   Vranic (Grad Beograd)   Vranje (Pcinjski)   Vranjska Banja (Pcinjski)   Vrbas (Juzno Backi)   Vrdnik (Sremski)   Vrnjacka Banja (Raski)   Vrsac (Juzno Banatski)  

ZZabalj (Juzno Backi)   Zabari (Branicevski)   Zagubica (Branicevski)   Zajecar (Zajecarski)   Zemun (Grad Beograd)   Zitiste (Srednje Banatski)   Zitoraga (Toplicki)   Zlatibor (Zlatiborski)   Zmajevo (Juzno Backi)   Zminjak (Macvanski)   Zrenjanin (Srednje Banatski)   Zujince (Pcinjski)   Zvecka (Grad Beograd)   Zvezdara (Grad Beograd)  
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