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Ukraine (Ukrainian: Україна, romanized: Ukrayina; Ukrainian pronunciation: [ukrɑˈjinɑ]), sometimes called the Ukraine, is a country in Eastern Europe. Excluding Crimea, Ukraine has a population of about 42.5 million, making it the 32nd most populous country in the world. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Ukrainian is the official language and its alphabet is Cyrillic. The dominant religions in the country are Eastern Orthodoxy and Greek Catholicism. Ukraine is currently in a territorial dispute with Russia over the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. Including Crimea, Ukraine has an area of 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), making it the largest country entirely within Europe and the 46th largest country in the world.

The territory of modern Ukraine has been inhabited since 32,000 BC. During the Middle Ages, the area was a key centre of East Slavic culture, with the powerful state of Kievan Rus' forming the basis of Ukrainian identity. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Russia. A Cossack republic emerged and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries, but its territory was eventually split between Poland and the Russian Empire, and finally merged fully into the Russian-dominated Soviet Union in the late 1940s as the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1991 Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union in the aftermath of its dissolution at the end of the Cold War. Before its independence, Ukraine was typically referred to in English as "The Ukraine", but most sources have since moved to drop "the" from the name of Ukraine in all uses.

Following its independence, Ukraine declared itself a neutral state; it formed a limited military partnership with Russia and other CIS countries while also establishing a partnership with NATO in 1994. In 2013, after the government of President Viktor Yanukovych had decided to suspend the Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement and seek closer economic ties with Russia, a several-months-long wave of demonstrations and protests known as the Euromaidan began, which later escalated into the 2014 Ukrainian revolution that led to the overthrow of Yanukovych and the establishment of a new government. These events formed the background for the annexation of Crimea by Russia in March 2014, and the War in Donbass in April 2014. On 1 January 2016, Ukraine applied the economic component of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area with the European Union.

Ukraine is a developing country and ranks 88th on the Human Development Index. As of 2018, Ukraine has the second lowest GDP per capita in Europe. At US$40, it has the lowest median wealth per adult in the world (real estate not counted, but many Ukrainians possess real estate). It also suffers from a very high poverty rate and severe corruption. However, because of its extensive fertile farmlands, Ukraine is one of the world's largest grain exporters. Ukraine also maintains the second-largest military in Europe after that of Russia. The country is home to a multi-ethnic population, 77.8 percent of whom are Ukrainians, followed by a very large Russian minority, as well as Georgians, Romanians, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, Jews, Bulgarians and Hungarians. Ukraine is a unitary republic under a semi-presidential system with separate powers: legislative, executive and judicial branches. The country is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the GUAM organization, and one of the founding states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

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CChabany (Kiev)   Chapayeve (Kharkiv)   Chapayevka (Kiev)   Chapayevka (Zaporizhzhya)   Chaplynka (Kherson)   Chasiv Yar (Donetsk)   Chaykino (Crimea)   Chaykovskoe (Crimea)   Chechel'nyk (Vinnytsya)   Chelyadinovo (Crimea)   Chemerivtsi (Khmelnytskyy)   Cherkasy (Cherkasy)   Chernelytsya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Chernihiv (Chernihiv)   Chernihivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Chernivtsi (Vinnytsya)   Chernivtsi (Chernivtsi)   Cherniyiv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Chernyakhiv (Zhytomyr)   Chernyakhivka (Kiev)   Chernyatyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Chertkovo (Luhansk)   Chervona Motovylivka (Kiev)   Chervonaya Sloboda (Cherkasy)   Chervone (Sumy)   Chervone (Zhytomyr)   Chervonoarmiys'k (Zhytomyr)   Chervonohrad (Lviv)   Chervonohryhorivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Chervonopartyzans'k (Luhansk)   Chervonyy Oskil (Kharkiv)   Chisten'koe (Crimea)   Chistopol'e (Crimea)   Chop (Transcarpathia)   Chopovychi (Zhytomyr)   Chornobay (Cherkasy)   Chornobayivka (Kherson)   Chornoliztsi (Ivano Frankivsk)   Chornomors'ke (Crimea)   Chornopillya (Crimea)   Chornorudka (Zhytomyr)   Chornukhy (Poltava)   Chornukhyne (Luhansk)   Chornyanka (Kherson)   Chortkiv (Ternopil)   Chortomlyk (Dnipropetrovsk)   Chudey (Chernivtsi)   Chudniv (Zhytomyr)   Chuhuyiv (Kharkiv)   Chulakivka (Kherson)   Chutove (Poltava)   Chyhyryn (Cherkasy)   Chynadiyovo (Transcarpathia)  

DDashev (Vinnytsya)   Davydivka (Chernivtsi)   Davydovo (Crimea)   Debal'tseve (Donetsk)   Delyatyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Demnya (Lviv)   Dem'yanovka (Crimea)   Demydivka (Rivne)   Denisovka (Crimea)   Denyshi (Zhytomyr)   Derazhnya (Khmelnytskyy)   Derhachi (Kharkiv)   Desna (Chernihiv)   Dihtyari (Chernihiv)   Divnoe (Crimea)   Dmitrovo (Crimea)   Dmytrivka (Donetsk)   Dmytrivka (Kirovohrad)   Dmytrivka (Odessa)   Dniprodzerzhyns'k (Dnipropetrovsk)   Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipropetrovsk)   Dniprorudne (Zaporizhzhya)   Dniprovka (Zaporizhzhya)   Dnipryany (Kherson)   Dobroe (Crimea)   Dobromil' (Lviv)   Dobropillya (Donetsk)   Dobrovelychkivka (Kirovohrad)   Dobryanka (Chernihiv)   Dokuchayevs'k (Donetsk)   Dolyna (Ivano Frankivsk)   Dolyns'ka (Kirovohrad)   Domanivka (Mykolayiv)   Donetsk (Donetsk)   Donskoe (Crimea)   Dovbysh (Zhytomyr)   Dovhe (Transcarpathia)   Drabiv (Cherkasy)   Drahovo (Transcarpathia)   Drohobych (Lviv)   Druzhba (Ternopil)   Druzhba (Sumy)   Druzhkivka (Donetsk)   Druzhnoe (Crimea)   Dubki (Crimea)   Dublyany (Lviv)   Dublyany (Lviv)   Dubno (Rivne)   Dubove (Transcarpathia)   Dubrovytsya (Rivne)   Dudchany (Kherson)   Duliby (Lviv)   Dunaivtsi (Khmelnytskyy)   Dunayivtsi (Khmelnytskyy)   Dvorichna (Kharkiv)   Dykan'ka (Poltava)   Dymer (Kiev)   Dymytrov (Donetsk)   Dymytrove (Kirovohrad)   Dzerzhyns'k (Donetsk)   Dzhankoy (Crimea)   Dzvinogrud (Lviv)  

EEnergodar (Zaporizhzhya)   Eskhar (Kharkiv)  

FFastiv (Kiev)   Feodosia (Crimea)   Fersmanovo (Crimea)   Fontan (Crimea)   Fontanka (Odessa)   Fontany (Crimea)   Foros (Sevastopol)   Frontovoe (Crimea)   Frunze (Crimea)   Frunze (Luhansk)   Frunzivka (Odessa)  

GGeneral'skoe (Crimea)   Glazovka (Crimea)   Gornostaevka (Crimea)   Gradizhsk (Poltava)   Gresovskij (Crimea)   Grushevoe (Crimea)   Gvardeyskoe (Crimea)  

HHadyach (Poltava)   Halych (Ivano Frankivsk)   Haspra (Crimea)   Haysyn (Vinnytsya)   Hayvoron (Kirovohrad)   Heniches'k (Kherson)   Hirs'ke (Luhansk)   Hlevakha (Kiev)   Hlobyne (Poltava)   Hlukhiv (Sumy)   Hlyboka (Chernivtsi)   Hlyns'k (Lviv)   Hnidyn (Kiev)   Hola Prystan' (Kherson)   Holoby (Volyn)   Holovanivs'k (Kirovohrad)   Holovyne (Zhytomyr)   Horenka (Kiev)   Horinchovo (Transcarpathia)   Horlivka (Donetsk)   Hornostayivka (Kherson)   Horodenka (Ivano Frankivsk)   Horodnya (Chernihiv)   Horodnye (Odessa)   Horodnytsya (Zhytomyr)   Horodok (Khmelnytskyy)   Horodok (Lviv)   Horodyshche (Rivne)   Horodyshche (Cherkasy)   Horokhiv (Volyn)   Hoshcha (Rivne)   Hostomel' (Kiev)   Hrebinka (Poltava)   Hrymayliv (Ternopil)   Hryshkivtsi (Zhytomyr)   Hubynykha (Dnipropetrovsk)   Hulyaypole (Zaporizhzhya)   Hupalivka (Poltava)   Hurzuf (Crimea)   Husyatyn (Khmelnytskyy)   Huty (Kharkiv)   Hvizd (Ivano Frankivsk)  

IIchnya (Chernihiv)   Il'ichyovo (Crimea)   Illichivs'k (Odessa)   Illintsi (Vinnytsya)   Ilovays'k (Donetsk)   Inkerman (Sevastopol)   Irpin (Kiev)   Irshava (Transcarpathia)   Ispas (Chernivtsi)   Ivanivka (Odessa)   Ivanivka (Kherson)   Ivankiv (Kiev)   Ivano Frankivs'k (Ivano Frankivsk)   Ivano Frankove (Lviv)   Ivanovka (Crimea)   Ivanovka (Crimea)   Ivanychi (Volyn)   Iza (Transcarpathia)   Izmayil (Odessa)   Izobil'noe (Crimea)   Izyaslav (Khmelnytskyy)   Izyum (Kharkiv)  

KKacha (Sevastopol)   Kadubivtsi (Chernivtsi)   Kaharlyk (Kiev)   Kakhovka (Kherson)   Kalanchak (Kherson)   Kalcheva (Odessa)   Kalinovka (Crimea)   Kalush (Ivano Frankivsk)   Kalynivka (Vinnytsya)   Kalyny (Transcarpathia)   Kamenka Na Dnepre (Zaporizhzhya)   Kamennyye Potoki (Poltava)   Kamenskoe (Crimea)   Kamianka (Cherkasy)   Kamianytsia (Transcarpathia)   Kamieniec Podolski (Khmelnytskyy)   Kamin' Kashyrs'kyy (Volyn)   Kamionka Strumitowa (Lviv)   Kamyshevka Vtoraya (Odessa)   Kamyshinka (Crimea)   Kaniv (Cherkasy)   Kapitanivka (Cherkasy)   Karapyshi (Kiev)   Karlivka (Poltava)   Karolino Buhaz (Odessa)   Kashtanovoe (Crimea)   Katerynopil' (Cherkasy)   Katyuzhanka (Kiev)   Kaydaki (Dnipropetrovsk)   Kayiry (Kherson)   Kazanka (Mykolayiv)   Kehychivka (Kharkiv)   Kel'mentsi (Chernivtsi)   Kerch (Crimea)   Kharitonovka (Crimea)   Kharkiv (Kharkiv)   Khartsyz'k (Donetsk)   Kherson (Kherson)   Khmel'nyts'kyy (Khmelnytskyy)   Khmil'nyk (Vinnytsya)   Khodoriv (Lviv)   Kholmy (Chernihiv)   Khorol (Poltava)   Khorosheve (Kharkiv)   Khorostkiv (Ternopil)   Khotiv (Kiev)   Khotyn (Chernivtsi)   Khrystynivka (Cherkasy)   Khust (Transcarpathia)   Khymchyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Khyriv (Lviv)   Kiev (Kiev City)   Kiliya (Odessa)   Kiparisnoe (Crimea)   Kirove (Kiev)   Kirove (Zaporizhzhya)   Kirovo (Crimea)   Kirovohrad (Kirovohrad)   Kirovs'k (Luhansk)   Kirovs'ke (Crimea)   Kitsman' (Chernivtsi)   Kivertsi (Volyn)   Kivsharivka (Kharkiv)   Kizilovoe (Crimea)   Klavdiyevo Tarasove (Kiev)   Klembivka (Vinnytsya)   Klenovka (Crimea)   Klenovyy (Luhansk)   Klevan' (Rivne)   Klinovka (Crimea)   Klishkivtsi (Chernivtsi)   Kluchevoe (Crimea)   Klyuchi (Crimea)   Knyazhichi (Kiev)   Kobelyaky (Poltava)   Kobleve (Odessa)   Kobyzhcha (Chernihiv)   Kochetok (Kharkiv)   Kodra (Kiev)   Kodyma (Odessa)   Koktebel' (Crimea)   Kol'chugino (Crimea)   Kolochava (Transcarpathia)   Kolodenka (Rivne)   Kolodeznoe (Crimea)   Kolomak (Kharkiv)   Kolomyya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Koloniya Zastav'ye (Rivne)   Komarno (Lviv)   Kominternivs'ke (Odessa)   Kompaniyivka (Kirovohrad)   Komsomolsk (Poltava)   Komsomol's'ke (Kharkiv)   Komsomol'skoe (Crimea)   Komyshany (Kherson)   Komyshnya (Poltava)   Komyshuvakha (Zaporizhzhya)   Komysh Zorya (Zaporizhzhya)   Konotop (Sumy)   Konstantinovka (Crimea)   Kopashnovo (Transcarpathia)   Kopayhorod (Vinnytsya)   Kopychyntsi (Ternopil)   Korets' (Rivne)   Koreyiz (Crimea)   Korniyivka (Kiev)   Kornyn (Zhytomyr)   Korolevo (Transcarpathia)   Korolevo (Crimea)   Korop (Chernihiv)   Korosten' (Zhytomyr)   Korostyshiv (Zhytomyr)   Korotych (Kharkiv)   Korsun' Shevchenkivs'kyy (Cherkasy)   Koryukivka (Chernihiv)   Kosiv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Kosmach (Ivano Frankivsk)   Kosmach (Ivano Frankivsk)   Kostopil' (Rivne)   Kostryzhivka (Ternopil)   Kostyantynivka (Mykolayiv)   Kostyantynivka (Donetsk)   Kostyantynivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Kostyrino (Crimea)   Kotel'va (Poltava)   Kotovs'k (Odessa)   Kotsyubyns'ke (Kiev City)   Kovel' (Volyn)   Kozachi Laheri (Kherson)   Kozelets' (Chernihiv)   Kozel'shchyna (Poltava)   Kozhanka (Kiev)   Kozova (Ternopil)   Kozyatyn (Vinnytsya)   Kramators'k (Donetsk)   Krasna (Ivano Frankivsk)   Krasnaya Zor'ka (Crimea)   Krasne (Kherson)   Krasne (Lviv)   Krasni Okny (Odessa)   Krasnoarmiys'k (Donetsk)   Krasnodon (Luhansk)   Krasnoe (Crimea)   Krasnogorka (Crimea)   Krasnohrad (Kharkiv)   Krasnohvardiys'ke (Crimea)   Krasnokamenka (Crimea)   Krasnokuts'k (Kharkiv)   Krasnoles'e (Crimea)   Krasnopavlivka (Kharkiv)   Krasnoperekops'k (Crimea)   Krasnopillya (Sumy)   Krasnosilka (Odessa)   Krasnotorka (Donetsk)   Krasnovka (Crimea)   Krasnyy Kut (Luhansk)   Krasnyy Luch (Luhansk)   Krasnyy Lyman (Donetsk)   Krasyatychi (Kiev)   Krasyliv (Khmelnytskyy)   Kremenchuk (Poltava)   Kremenets' (Ternopil)   Kremidivka (Odessa)   Kreminna (Luhansk)   Krinichnaya (Donetsk)   Kripens'kyy (Luhansk)   Kriukivschina (Kiev)   Krolevets' (Sumy)   Kruty (Chernihiv)   Krynychky (Dnipropetrovsk)   Kryva (Transcarpathia)   Kryve Ozero (Mykolayiv)   Kryvyi Rih (Dnipropetrovsk)   Kryzhanivka (Odessa)   Kryzhopil' (Vinnytsya)   Kubanskoe (Crimea)   Kuchurhan (Odessa)   Kulevcha (Odessa)   Kulykivka (Chernihiv)   Kulykiv (Lviv)   Kulykiv (Lviv)   Kulynychi (Kharkiv)   Kupjansk (Kharkiv)   Kuprino (Crimea)   Kurakhovo (Donetsk)   Kurhannoe (Crimea)   Kurortnoe (Crimea)   Kushnytsya (Transcarpathia)   Kushuhum (Zaporizhzhya)   Kuteynykove (Donetsk)   Kuty (Chernivtsi)   Kuybysheve (Zaporizhzhya)   Kuznetsovs'k (Rivne)   Kvasy (Transcarpathia)   Kyrykivka (Sumy)   Kyrylivka (Zaporizhzhya)  

LLadan (Chernihiv)   Ladyzhyn (Vinnytsya)   Lanchyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Lanivtsi (Ternopil)   Lavanda (Crimea)   Lavrovoe (Crimea)   Lazarevka (Crimea)   Lazeshchyna (Transcarpathia)   Lazi (Transcarpathia)   Lazurne (Kherson)   Lebedyn (Sumy)   Lebedyn (Cherkasy)   Lekarstvennoe (Crimea)   Lenina (Luhansk)   Lenino (Crimea)   Leninskoe (Crimea)   Lesnosel'e (Crimea)   Letychiv (Khmelnytskyy)   Levadki (Crimea)   Libknekhtovka (Crimea)   Lisovi Sorochyntsi (Chernihiv)   Lityn (Vinnytsya)   Livadiya (Crimea)   Lokachi (Volyn)   Lokhvytsya (Poltava)   Lopatyn (Lviv)   Lopukhiv (Transcarpathia)   Lozno Oleksandrivka (Luhansk)   Lozova (Kharkiv)   Lozovoe (Crimea)   Lozuvatka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Lubny (Poltava)   Luchistoe (Crimea)   Lugovoe (Crimea)   Luhansk (Luhansk)   Luhans'ke (Donetsk)   Luhyny (Zhytomyr)   Lukiv (Volyn)   Lutovynivka (Poltava)   Luts'k (Volyn)   Lutuhyne (Luhansk)   Luzhany (Chernivtsi)   Lviv (Lviv)   L'vovo (Crimea)   Lyakhovtsy (Khmelnytskyy)   Lykhivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Lyman (Kharkiv)   Lymanske (Odessa)   Lypcha (Transcarpathia)   Lypnyazhka (Kirovohrad)   Lypova Dolyna (Sumy)   Lypovets' (Vinnytsya)   Lysa Hora (Mykolayiv)   Lysyanka (Cherkasy)   Lysychans'k (Luhansk)   Lysychovo (Transcarpathia)   Lyubar (Zhytomyr)   Lyubashivka (Odessa)   Lyubech (Chernihiv)   Lyubeshiv (Volyn)   Lyuboml' (Volyn)   Lyubotyn (Kharkiv)   Lyubymivka (Kherson)  

MMahdalynivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Makariv (Kiev)   Makiv (Khmelnytskyy)   Makiyivka (Donetsk)   Mala Bilozerka (Zaporizhzhya)   Mala Danylivka (Kharkiv)   Mala Tokmachka (Zaporizhzhya)   Mala Vyska (Kirovohrad)   Malen'koe (Crimea)   Malokakhovka (Kherson)   Malokaterynivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Malorechenskoe (Crimea)   Maly Mayak (Crimea)   Malyn (Zhytomyr)   Malynivka (Kharkiv)   Manchenky (Kharkiv)   Manevychi (Volyn)   Manhush (Donetsk)   Man'kivka (Cherkasy)   Manyava (Ivano Frankivsk)   Mar'evka (Crimea)   Mareyka (Donetsk)   Marfovka (Crimea)   Marhanets' (Dnipropetrovsk)   Mariupol (Donetsk)   Markivka (Luhansk)   Markova (Ivano Frankivsk)   Marshintsy (Chernivtsi)   Masandra (Crimea)   Mashivka (Poltava)   Matviyivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Mayaky (Odessa)   Mazanka (Crimea)   Medenychi (Lviv)   Medzhibozh (Khmelnytskyy)   Melekyne (Donetsk)   Melioratyvne (Dnipropetrovsk)   Melitopol' (Zaporizhzhya)   Mena (Chernihiv)   Merefa (Kharkiv)   Mezenivka (Sumy)   Mezhgornoe (Crimea)   Mezhova (Dnipropetrovsk)   Mikulintsy (Ternopil)   Millerovo (Luhansk)   Milove (Luhansk)   Mirnoe (Crimea)   Mirovka (Kiev)   Miskhor (Crimea)   Miusyns'k (Luhansk)   Mizhhir'ya (Transcarpathia)   Mizoch (Rivne)   Mleyev (Cherkasy)   Mlyniv (Rivne)   Molochnoe (Crimea)   Molodezhnoe (Crimea)   Molodiya (Chernivtsi)   Molodizhne (Kirovohrad)   Molodohvardiys'k (Luhansk)   Monastyryshche (Cherkasy)   Monastyrys'ka (Ternopil)   Morshyn (Lviv)   Morskoye (Crimea)   Moshny (Cherkasy)   Mospyne (Donetsk)   Mostys'ka (Lviv)   Mramornoe (Crimea)   Mukacheve (Transcarpathia)   Murovani Kurylivtsi (Vinnytsya)   Murovanoye (Lviv)   Myhiya (Mykolayiv)   Myhove (Chernivtsi)   Mykhaylivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Mykolayiv (Mykolayiv)   Mykolayiv (Lviv)   Mykolayivka (Odessa)   Mynay (Transcarpathia)   Myrhorod (Poltava)   Myrnyy (Crimea)   Myronivka (Kiev)   Mysovoe (Crimea)  

NNaberezhnoe (Crimea)   Nadvirna (Ivano Frankivsk)   Nanikovo (Crimea)   Narkevychi (Khmelnytskyy)   Narodychi (Zhytomyr)   Nasypnoe (Crimea)   Navariya (Lviv)   Nebyliv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Nedryhayliv (Sumy)   Nelipyno (Transcarpathia)   Nemyriv (Vinnytsya)   Neresnytsya (Transcarpathia)   Netishyn (Khmelnytskyy)   Nevyts'ke (Transcarpathia)   Nikita (Crimea)   Nikopol' (Dnipropetrovsk)   Nizhnee Zaprudnoe (Crimea)   Nizhnekurgannoe (Crimea)   Nizhnyaya Kutuzovka (Crimea)   Nizhyn (Chernihiv)   Nosivka (Chernihiv)   Nova Borova (Zhytomyr)   Nova Kakhovka (Kherson)   Nova Mayachka (Kherson)   Nova Odesa (Mykolayiv)   Nova Praha (Kirovohrad)   Nova Ushytsya (Khmelnytskyy)   Nova Vodolaha (Kharkiv)   Nove Davydkovo (Transcarpathia)   Nove Misto (Cherkasy)   Novhorodka (Kirovohrad)   Novhorod Sivers'kyy (Chernihiv)   Novi Bilokorovychi (Zhytomyr)   Novi Petrivtsi (Kiev)   Novi Sanzhary (Poltava)   Novi Troyany (Odessa)   Novoandreevka (Crimea)   Novoarkhanhel's'k (Kirovohrad)   Novoaydar (Luhansk)   Novoazovs'k (Donetsk)   Novobohdanivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Novodnistrovs'k (Chernivtsi)   Novodonets'ke (Donetsk)   Novofedorovka (Kherson)   Novohrad Volyns'kyy (Zhytomyr)   Novomoskovs'k (Dnipropetrovsk)   Novomykolayivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Novomykolayivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Novomyrhorod (Kirovohrad)   Novonikolaevka (Crimea)   Novonikolaevka (Crimea)   Novooleksiyivka (Kherson)   Novopokrovka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Novopokrovka (Kharkiv)   Novopskov (Luhansk)   Novoselitsa (Khmelnytskyy)   Novoselovka (Crimea)   Novoselytsya (Chernivtsi)   Novosyolovka (Crimea)   Novotroyits'ke (Kherson)   Novoukrayinka (Kirovohrad)   Novovasylivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Novovolyns'k (Volyn)   Novovorontsovka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Novoyavorivs'k (Lviv)   Novozbur'evka (Crimea)   Novyi Svit (Crimea)   Novy Mir (Crimea)   Novy Sad (Crimea)   Novytsya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Novyy Buh (Mykolayiv)   Novyy Starodub (Kirovohrad)   Novyy Svit (Donetsk)   Novyy Yarychiv (Lviv)   Nuyno (Volyn)   Nyrkiv (Ternopil)   Nyzhni Petrivtsi (Chernivtsi)   Nyzhni Sirohozy (Kherson)   Nyzhn'ohirs'kyy (Crimea)   Nyzhnya Duvanka (Luhansk)   Nyzhnya Krynka (Donetsk)   Nyzhnye Selyshche (Transcarpathia)   Nyzy (Sumy)  

OObertyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Obodivka (Vinnytsya)   Obroshyne (Lviv)   Obryv (Crimea)   Obukhiv (Kiev)   Ochakiv (Mykolayiv)   Odessa (Odessa)   Ogon'ki (Crimea)   Okhtyrka (Sumy)   Oktyabr'skoe (Crimea)   Oleksandrivka (Donetsk)   Oleksandrivka (Kirovohrad)   Oleksandriya (Kirovohrad)   Olenevka (Crimea)   Oleshnyk (Transcarpathia)   Olesko (Lviv)   Olevs'k (Zhytomyr)   Ol'shanskoye (Mykolayiv)   Olyka (Volyn)   Olyshivka (Chernihiv)   Onokivtsi (Transcarpathia)   Onufriyivka (Kirovohrad)   Oposhnya (Poltava)   Opushki (Crimea)   Orativ (Vinnytsya)   Ordzhonikidze (Crimea)   Ordzhonikidze (Dnipropetrovsk)   Orikhiv (Zaporizhzhya)   Orikhove (Crimea)   Orzhiv (Rivne)   Orzhytsya (Poltava)   Ostanino (Crimea)   Oster (Chernihiv)   Ostroh (Rivne)   Osypenko (Zaporizhzhya)   Otyniya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Ovidiopol' (Odessa)   Ovruch (Zhytomyr)   Ozerna (Ternopil)   Ozerne (Odessa)   Ozerne (Zhytomyr)  

PPantayivka (Kirovohrad)   Panyutyne (Kharkiv)   Partizanskoe (Crimea)   Partyzany (Kherson)   Parutyne (Mykolayiv)   Pasichna (Ivano Frankivsk)   Pavlivka (Luhansk)   Pavlohrad (Dnipropetrovsk)   Pavlovka (Vinnytsya)   Pavlysh (Kirovohrad)   Pechenihy (Kharkiv)   Pechenizhyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Perechyn (Transcarpathia)   Peredovoe (Crimea)   Perehonivka (Kirovohrad)   Peremyshlyany (Lviv)   Peresichna (Kharkiv)   Pereval'noe (Crimea)   Pereval's'k (Luhansk)   Pereyaslav Khmel'nyts'kyy (Kiev)   Perovo (Crimea)   Pershotravneve (Zhytomyr)   Pervomays'k (Luhansk)   Pervomays'k (Mykolayiv)   Pervomays'ke (Crimea)   Pervomayskoe (Crimea)   Pervomays'kyy (Kharkiv)   Peschana (Odessa)   Pesochnoe (Crimea)   Petranka (Ivano Frankivsk)   Petrikov (Ternopil)   Petrivka (Odessa)   Petrivs'ke (Kharkiv)   Petropavlivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Petropavlovka (Crimea)   Petrove (Kirovohrad)   Petrovka (Crimea)   Petrovo (Crimea)   Petrykivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Piatykhatky (Dnipropetrovsk)   Pidhaytsi (Ternopil)   Pidhirtsi (Lviv)   Pidhorodna (Mykolayiv)   Pidhorodne (Dnipropetrovsk)   Pidkamin' (Lviv)   Pidvolochys'k (Ternopil)   Pidvynohradiv (Transcarpathia)   Pionerskoe (Crimea)   Pionerskoe (Crimea)   Pishcha (Volyn)   Pishchanka (Vinnytsya)   Piskivka (Kiev)   Pivdenne (Kharkiv)   Plakhtiyivka (Odessa)   Pnikut (Lviv)   Pniv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Pobugskoye (Kirovohrad)   Pochayiv (Ternopil)   Podbuzh (Lviv)   Podgornoe (Crimea)   Pohrebyshche (Vinnytsya)   Pokotylivka (Kharkiv)   Pokrovs'ke (Dnipropetrovsk)   Polohy (Zaporizhzhya)   Polonne (Khmelnytskyy)   Poltava (Poltava)   Polyanka (Zhytomyr)   Pomichna (Kirovohrad)   Pomoryany (Lviv)   Poninka (Khmelnytskyy)   Popasna (Luhansk)   Popil'nya (Zhytomyr)   Porohy (Ivano Frankivsk)   Poroshkovo (Transcarpathia)   Potelych (Lviv)   Pozharskoe (Crimea)   Preobrazhenka (Zaporizhzhya)   Primorsky (Crimea)   Priozernoe (Crimea)   Privetnoe (Crimea)   Privol'noe (Crimea)   Proletnoe (Crimea)   Prolisky (Kiev City)   Prudnikovo (Crimea)   Prudovoe (Crimea)   Prudyanka (Kharkiv)   Pryazovs'ke (Zaporizhzhya)   Prykolotne (Kharkiv)   Pryluky (Chernihiv)   Prymors'k (Zaporizhzhya)   Pryshyb (Zaporizhzhya)   Pryvillya (Luhansk)   Pryyutivka (Kirovohrad)   Ptashkino (Crimea)   Pushkino (Crimea)   Pustomyty (Lviv)   Putyla (Chernivtsi)   Putyvl' (Sumy)   Pylypets' (Transcarpathia)   Pyryatyn (Poltava)  

RRadcha (Ivano Frankivsk)   Radekhiv (Lviv)   Radomyshl' (Zhytomyr)   Radyvyliv (Rivne)   Rakhiv (Transcarpathia)   Rakiv Lis (Volyn)   Rakoshyno (Transcarpathia)   Ralevka (Lviv)   Ratne (Volyn)   Rava Rus'ka (Lviv)   Ravnopol'e (Crimea)   Razdol'e (Crimea)   Rechka (Ivano Frankivsk)   Reni (Odessa)   Reshetylivka (Poltava)   Richky (Lviv)   Ripky (Chernihiv)   Rivne (Rivne)   Rivne (Kirovohrad)   Rodatychi (Lviv)   Rodnikovo (Crimea)   Rodyns'ke (Donetsk)   Rohatyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Rokosovo (Transcarpathia)   Rokytne (Rivne)   Rokytne (Kiev)   Romaniv (Zhytomyr)   Romanovo (Crimea)   Romny (Sumy)   Romodan (Poltava)   Ropcha (Chernivtsi)   Roskoshnyy (Kiev)   Roven'ky (Luhansk)   Rozdil (Lviv)   Rozdil'na (Odessa)   Rozdol'ne (Crimea)   Rozhniv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Rozhnyativ (Ivano Frankivsk)   Rozhyshche (Volyn)   Rozivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Rozivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Rozkishne (Luhansk)   Rozovy (Crimea)   Rozsypne (Donetsk)   Rozvadov (Lviv)   Rubizhne (Luhansk)   Rudky (Lviv)   Rudne (Lviv)   Russkaya Polyana (Cherkasy)   Ruzhyn (Zhytomyr)   Rybach'e (Crimea)   Rybakivka (Mykolayiv)   Rykhtichi (Lviv)   Rzhyshchiv (Kiev)  

SSadzhavka (Ivano Frankivsk)   Sakhnovshchyna (Kharkiv)   Saki (Crimea)   Saky (Crimea)   Sambir (Lviv)   Sarata (Odessa)   Sarny (Rivne)   Sartana (Donetsk)   Savran' (Odessa)   Savyntsi (Kharkiv)   Sedniv (Chernihiv)   Selydove (Donetsk)   Semenivka (Chernihiv)   Semenivka (Poltava)   Semenovka (Crimea)   Semisotka (Crimea)   Semypolky (Kiev)   Sencha (Poltava)   Serebriya (Vinnytsya)   Serebryanka (Donetsk)   Serednye (Transcarpathia)   Serednye Vodyane (Transcarpathia)   Seredyna Buda (Sumy)   Serhiyivka (Odessa)   Serpneve (Odessa)   Sevastopol (Sevastopol)   Shabo (Odessa)   Shafrannoe (Crimea)   Shakhtars'k (Donetsk)   Shalyhyne (Sumy)   Sharhorod (Vinnytsya)   Shats'k (Volyn)   Shchastya (Luhansk)   Shchebetovka (Crimea)   Shchelkino (Crimea)   Shcherbynivka (Donetsk)   Shchors (Chernihiv)   Shchyrets' (Lviv)   Shepetivka (Khmelnytskyy)   Sheshory (Ivano Frankivsk)   Shevchenkove (Kharkiv)   Shevchenkove (Mykolayiv)   Shevchenkove (Odessa)   Shirokoe (Crimea)   Shklo (Lviv)   Shkol'noe (Crimea)   Sholokhove (Dnipropetrovsk)   Shostka (Sumy)   Shpola (Cherkasy)   Shums'k (Ternopil)   Shypyntsi (Chernivtsi)   Shyroke (Dnipropetrovsk)   Shyroke (Donetsk)   Shyryayeve (Odessa)   Shyshaky (Poltava)   Silets' (Lviv)   Simeykyne (Luhansk)   Simferopol (Crimea)   Sivers'k (Donetsk)   Skadovs'k (Kherson)   Skala Podil's'ka (Ternopil)   Skalat (Ternopil)   Skelivka (Lviv)   Skhodnitsa (Lviv)   Skole (Lviv)   Skvortsovo (Crimea)   Skvyra (Kiev)   Slatyne (Kharkiv)   Slavs'ke (Lviv)   Slavuta (Khmelnytskyy)   Slavutych (Chernihiv)   Slobidka (Odessa)   Sloboda (Sumy)   Sloviansk (Donetsk)   Slov`yanoserbsk (Luhansk)   Smila (Cherkasy)   Smyga (Rivne)   Snihurivka (Mykolayiv)   Snizhne (Donetsk)   Snyatyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Sobolivka (Vinnytsya)   Sofievka (Crimea)   Sofiyivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Sofiyivska Borschagivka (Kiev)   Sokal' (Lviv)   Sokyryany (Chernivtsi)   Soledar (Donetsk)   Solnechnoe (Crimea)   Solnechnoe (Crimea)   Solone (Dnipropetrovsk)   Solonka (Lviv)   Solonytsivka (Kharkiv)   Solotvyn (Ivano Frankivsk)   Solotvyno (Transcarpathia)   Solov'evka (Crimea)   Sosnytsya (Chernihiv)   Sovkhoznoe (Crimea)   Sovyets'kyy (Crimea)   Spas (Ivano Frankivsk)   Spas'ke (Dnipropetrovsk)   Spokoynoe (Crimea)   Sribne (Chernihiv)   Stakhanov (Luhansk)   Stanislav (Kherson)   Stantsionnoe (Crimea)   Stanytsya Luhans'ka (Luhansk)   Stara Synyava (Khmelnytskyy)   Stara Vyzhivka (Volyn)   Stari Bohorodchany (Ivano Frankivsk)   Stari Kuty (Ivano Frankivsk)   Starobesheve (Donetsk)   Starobil's'k (Luhansk)   Starokostyantyniv (Khmelnytskyy)   Starokozache (Odessa)   Staroye Selo (Lviv)   Starychi (Lviv)   Staryy Dobrotvir (Lviv)   Staryy Krym (Donetsk)   Staryy Krym (Crimea)   Staryy Merchyk (Kharkiv)   Staryy Saltiv (Kharkiv)   Staryy Sambor (Lviv)   Stavyshche (Kiev)   Stavyshche (Zhytomyr)   Stayki (Kiev)   Steblev (Cherkasy)   Stebnyk (Lviv)   Stepanivka (Odessa)   Stepnoe (Crimea)   Stepove (Odessa)   Stetseva (Ivano Frankivsk)   Stizhkivs'ke (Donetsk)   Storozhevoe (Crimea)   Storozhnytsya (Transcarpathia)   Storozhynets' (Chernivtsi)   Strabychovo (Transcarpathia)   Strogonovka (Crimea)   Stryi (Lviv)   Studenok (Kharkiv)   Subottsi (Kirovohrad)   Sudak (Crimea)   Sudova Vyshnya (Lviv)   Sukhorech'e (Crimea)   Sukhovolya (Lviv)   Sumskoe (Crimea)   Sumy (Sumy)   Surs'ko Mykhaylivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Sutysky (Vinnytsya)   Svalyava (Transcarpathia)   Svarychiv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Svatove (Luhansk)   Sverdlovs'k (Luhansk)   Svetlodarsk (Donetsk)   Svitlovods'k (Kirovohrad)   Svityaz' (Volyn)   Svyatogorsk (Donetsk)   Syedove (Donetsk)   Syevyerodonets'k (Luhansk)   Synel'nykove (Dnipropetrovsk)   Synevyr (Transcarpathia)   Synevyrs'ka Polyana (Transcarpathia)  

TTalalayivka (Chernihiv)   Talalayivka (Chernihiv)   Tal'ne (Cherkasy)   Tarakaniv (Rivne)   Tarashcha (Kiev)   Tarutyne (Odessa)   Tasunovo (Crimea)   Tatarbunary (Odessa)   Tatariv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Tel'manove (Donetsk)   Teofipol' (Khmelnytskyy)   Teplodar (Odessa)   Teploe (Crimea)   Teplovka (Crimea)   Teplyk (Vinnytsya)   Terebovlya (Ternopil)   Ternopil' (Ternopil)   Ternuvate (Dnipropetrovsk)   Terny (Sumy)   Terpinnya (Zaporizhzhya)   Tetiyiv (Kiev)   Tlumach (Ivano Frankivsk)   Tokmak (Zaporizhzhya)   Tomakivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Tomashpil' (Vinnytsya)   Topol'noe (Crimea)   Topory (Zhytomyr)   Torez (Donetsk)   Torkanivka (Vinnytsya)   Toshkivka (Luhansk)   Tovste (Ternopil)   Trebukhiv (Kiev)   Trekhprudnoe (Crimea)   Tr'okhizbenka (Luhansk)   Trostyanets' (Sumy)   Trostyanets' (Vinnytsya)   Troyits'ke (Luhansk)   Trudolyubovo (Crimea)   Trudovoe (Crimea)   Truskavets (Lviv)   Trypillia (Kiev)   Tsarychanka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Tsibulev (Cherkasy)   Tsybli (Kiev)   Tsybulevka (Vinnytsya)   Tsyurupyns'k (Kherson)   Tukhlya (Lviv)   Tul'chyn (Vinnytsya)   Turbiv (Vinnytsya)   Turiys'k (Volyn)   Turka (Lviv)   Tyachiv (Transcarpathia)   Tymoshivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Tynne (Rivne)   Tyshkivka (Kirovohrad)   Tysmenychany (Ivano Frankivsk)   Tysmenytsya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Tyvriv (Vinnytsya)  

UUhlove (Crimea)   Uhniv (Lviv)   Uhryniv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Ukrainka (Crimea)   Ukrainka (Kiev)   Ukromnoe (Crimea)   Ulanov (Vinnytsya)   Ulichnoye (Lviv)   Ul'yanovka (Kirovohrad)   Uman' (Cherkasy)   Uralo Kavkaz (Luhansk)   Urozhaynoe (Crimea)   Urzuf (Donetsk)   Usatove (Odessa)   Uspenka (Luhansk)   Ustynivka (Kirovohrad)   Utkivka (Kharkiv)   Uvarovo (Crimea)   Uyutne (Crimea)   Uzhhorod (Transcarpathia)   Uzlovoe (Crimea)   Uzyn (Kiev)  

VValky (Kharkiv)   Vapnyarka (Vinnytsya)   Varva (Chernihiv)   Vary (Transcarpathia)   Vashkivtsi (Chernivtsi)   Vasylivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Vasylkiv (Kiev)   Vasyl'kivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Vasyshcheve (Kharkiv)   Vatutine (Cherkasy)   Velikiye Borki (Ternopil)   Velyka Bahachka (Poltava)   Velyka Bilozerka (Zaporizhzhya)   Velyka Lepetykha (Kherson)   Velyka Mykhaylivka (Odessa)   Velyka Novosilka (Donetsk)   Velyka Oleksandrivka (Kherson)   Velyka Pysarivka (Sumy)   Velyki Kopani (Kherson)   Velyki Mezhyrichi (Rivne)   Velyki Sorochyntsi (Poltava)   Velykoploske (Odessa)   Velykyi Bereznyi (Transcarpathia)   Velykyy Burluk (Kharkiv)   Velykyy Klyuchiv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Vendychany (Vinnytsya)   Verbivka (Kharkiv)   Verblyany (Lviv)   Verenchanka (Chernivtsi)   Verkhnekurgannoe (Crimea)   Verkhniy Rohachyk (Kherson)   Verkhniy Yasenov (Ivano Frankivsk)   Verkhn'odniprovs'k (Dnipropetrovsk)   Verkhnyachka (Cherkasy)   Verkhnya Rozhanka (Lviv)   Verkhnya Syrovatka (Sumy)   Verkhnyaya Belka (Lviv)   Verkhnyaya Kutuzovka (Crimea)   Verkhnye Syn'ovydne (Lviv)   Verkhovyna (Ivano Frankivsk)   Vesele (Zaporizhzhya)   Veseloe (Crimea)   Veselynove (Mykolayiv)   Viline (Crimea)   Vil'ne (Dnipropetrovsk)   Vil'nyans'k (Zaporizhzhya)   Vil'shanka (Kirovohrad)   Vin'kivtsi (Khmelnytskyy)   Vinnitskoe (Crimea)   Vinnytsya (Vinnytsya)   Vinogradnoe (Crimea)   Vinogradnoe (Crimea)   Vinogradnoe (Crimea)   Viytivka (Vinnytsya)   Vodnoe (Crimea)   Vodyane (Zaporizhzhya)   Vojkovo (Crimea)   Volnovakha (Donetsk)   Volochys'k (Khmelnytskyy)   Volodarka (Kiev)   Volodars'ke (Donetsk)   Volodars'k Volyns'kyy (Zhytomyr)   Volodymyrets' (Rivne)   Volodymyr Volyns'kyy (Volyn)   Voloka (Chernivtsi)   Volovets (Transcarpathia)   Volovo (Transcarpathia)   Vorokhta (Ivano Frankivsk)   Voronkov (Kiev)   Voronovytsya (Vinnytsya)   Vorozhba (Sumy)   Vorzel' (Kiev)   Vovchans'k (Kharkiv)   Voyinka (Crimea)   Voyutychi (Lviv)   Voznesenka (Zaporizhzhya)   Voznesensk (Mykolayiv)   Vradiyivka (Mykolayiv)   Vuhlehirs'k (Donetsk)   Vulkanovka (Crimea)   Vvedenka (Kharkiv)   Vyaznikovo (Crimea)   Vylkove (Odessa)   Vylok (Transcarpathia)   Vynohradiv (Transcarpathia)   Vynohradivka (Odessa)   Vynohradove (Kherson)   Vyshchetarasivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Vyshhorod (Kiev)   Vyshkovo (Transcarpathia)   Vyshneve (Kiev)   Vyshneve (Dnipropetrovsk)   Vysokopillya (Kherson)   Vysokyy (Kharkiv)   Vyzhnytsya (Chernivtsi)  

YYabluniv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Yablunytsya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Yachmennoe (Crimea)   Yahil'nytsya (Ternopil)   Yahotyn (Kiev)   Yakovenkovo (Crimea)   Yakymivka (Zaporizhzhya)   Yalta (Donetsk)   Yalta (Crimea)   Yalta (Crimea)   Yamnytsya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Yampil' (Sumy)   Yampil' (Vinnytsya)   Yaremche (Ivano Frankivsk)   Yarkoe (Crimea)   Yarmolyntsi (Khmelnytskyy)   Yasinya (Transcarpathia)   Yasynuvata (Donetsk)   Yavoriv (Lviv)   Yegorovo (Crimea)   Yelanets' (Mykolayiv)   Yelyzavethradka (Kirovohrad)   Yemil'chyne (Zhytomyr)   Yenakiyeve (Donetsk)   Yerky (Cherkasy)   Yerofeevo (Crimea)   Yevpatoria (Crimea)   Yevpatoriya (Crimea)   Yizhivtsi (Chernivtsi)   Yurkivka (Cherkasy)   Yur"yivka (Dnipropetrovsk)   Yuzhne (Odessa)   Yuzhnoe (Crimea)   Yuzhnoe (Crimea)   Yuzhnoukrains'k (Mykolayiv)  

ZZabolotiv (Ivano Frankivsk)   Zachepylivka (Kharkiv)   Zagnitkiv (Odessa)   Zahvizdya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Zakupne (Khmelnytskyy)   Zales'e (Crimea)   Zalesnoye (Donetsk)   Zalishchyky (Chernivtsi)   Zaliznychne (Odessa)   Zaliznychne (Zaporizhzhya)   Zaliztsi (Ternopil)   Zaporizhzhya (Zaporizhzhya)   Zaprudnoe (Crimea)   Zarechnoe (Crimea)   Zarichchya (Ivano Frankivsk)   Zarichne (Rivne)   Zaritcha (Zhytomyr)   Zastavna (Chernivtsi)   Zatishnoe (Crimea)   Zatyshshya (Odessa)   Zavallya (Odessa)   Zavetnoe (Crimea)   Zbarazh (Ternopil)   Zboriv (Ternopil)   Zdolbuniv (Rivne)   Zdovbytsya (Rivne)   Zelenogor'e (Crimea)   Zeleny Yar (Crimea)   Zgurovka (Kiev)   Zhashkiv (Cherkasy)   Zhelyabovka (Crimea)   Zhivopisnoe (Crimea)   Zhmerynka (Vinnytsya)   Zhovkva (Lviv)   Zhovti Vody (Kirovohrad)   Zhovtneve (Volyn)   Zhuravka (Chernihiv)   Zhuravlevka (Crimea)   Zhvanets (Khmelnytskyy)   Zhydachiv (Lviv)   Zhytomyr (Zhytomyr)   Zin'kiv (Poltava)   Zlynka (Kirovohrad)   Zmiyiv (Kharkiv)   Znomenka (Kirovohrad)   Zolochiv (Kharkiv)   Zolochiv (Lviv)   Zolotoe (Crimea)   Zolotonosha (Cherkasy)   Zolotyy Potik (Ternopil)   Zorya (Odessa)   Zoryns'k (Luhansk)   Zuhres (Donetsk)   Zuya (Crimea)   Zvenyhorodka (Cherkasy)  
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