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Ghana ( (listen)), officially the Republic of Ghana, is a country located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the subregion of West Africa. Spanning a land mass of 238,535 km2 (92,099 sq mi), Ghana is bordered by the Ivory Coast in the west, Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east and the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean in the south. Ghana means "Warrior King" in the Soninke language.

The first permanent state in the territory of present-day Ghana dates back to the 11th century. Numerous kingdoms and empires emerged over the centuries, of which the most powerful was the Kingdom of Ashanti. Beginning in the 15th century, numerous European powers contested the area for trading rights, with the British ultimately establishing control of the coast by the late 19th century. Following over a century of native resistance, Ghana's current borders were established by the 1900s as the British Gold Coast. It became independent of the United Kingdom on 6 March 1957.

Ghana's population of approximately 30 million spans a variety of ethnic, linguistic and religious groups. According to the 2010 census, 71.2% of the population was Christian, 17.6% was Muslim, and 5.2% practised traditional faiths. Its diverse geography and ecology ranges from coastal savannahs to tropical rain forests.

Ghana is a unitary constitutional democracy led by a president who is both head of state and head of the government. Ghana's growing economic prosperity and democratic political system have made it a regional power in West Africa. It is a member of the Non-Aligned Movement, the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Group of 24 (G24) and the Commonwealth of Nations.

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AAbaasa (Central)   Abandze (Central)   Abasi (Ashanti)   Aboadi (Western)   Aboesi (Western)   Abomosu (Eastern)   Abrafo Odumase (Central)   Aburi (Eastern)   Accra (Greater Accra)   Adadeem (Brong Ahafo)   Adafienu (Volta)   Ada Foah (Greater Accra)   Adaiso (Eastern)   Ada Kasseh (Greater Accra)   Adamsu (Brong Ahafo)   Adansi Prasu (Ashanti)   Addo Nkwanta (Volta)   Adidome (Volta)   Adjen Kotoku (Eastern)   Afife (Volta)   Aflao (Volta)   Aframso (Brong Ahafo)   Agboglakope (Volta)   Agbozume (Volta)   Agogo (Ashanti)   Agogoso (Ashanti)   Agona (Western)   Agona Swedru (Central)   Ahenkro (Volta)   Ahyiayemu (Ashanti)   Akatsi (Volta)   Akim Oda (Eastern)   Akomadan (Ashanti)   Akontaenim (Brong Ahafo)   Akrodie (Brong Ahafo)   Akrokerri (Ashanti)   Akropong (Eastern)   Akroso (Eastern)   Akwatia (Eastern)   Akyease (Eastern)   Akyerensua (Ashanti)   Amoakwa (Central)   Amoya (Western)   Anloga (Volta)   Anomabo (Central)   Antubia (Western)   Anyanui (Volta)   Anyinasu (Ashanti)   Anyinasuso (Ashanti)   Apesokubi (Volta)   Asamankese (Eastern)   Asatu (Volta)   Asem (Ashanti)   Ashaiman (Greater Accra)   Asin Bereku (Central)   Assin Fosu (Central)   Asukawkaw (Volta)   Atebubu (Brong Ahafo)   Ateiku (Western)   Avakome (Volta)   Aviefe (Volta)   Avoeme (Volta)   Awaso (Western)   Axim (Western)   Ayanfuri (Central)  

BBadu (Brong Ahafo)   Banda (Volta)   Bawku (Upper East)   Bechem (Brong Ahafo)   Begoro (Eastern)   Bekwai (Ashanti)   Benso (Western)   Beposo (Western)   Berekum (Brong Ahafo)   Bibiani (Western)   Big Ada (Greater Accra)   Bima (Northern)   Bimbila (Northern)   Biseasi (Central)   Biung (Upper East)   Bodomasi (Ashanti)   Bogoso (Western)   Bole (Northern)   Bolgatanga (Upper East)   Bonakye (Volta)   Bongo (Upper East)   Borae (Volta)   Bornikope (Greater Accra)   Buaku (Western)   Budumburan (Central)   Bugubelle (Upper West)   Buipe (Northern)   Bulawn (Northern)   Buni (Brong Ahafo)   Busua (Western)  

C Cape Coast (Central)   Chamba (Northern)   Chereponi (Northern)   Chindiri (Volta)   Chiraa (Brong Ahafo)  

D Daboase (Western)   Daboya (Northern)   Dadieso (Western)   Damang (Western)   Dama Nkwanta (Northern)   Damongo (Northern)   Debibi (Brong Ahafo)   Dehia (Central)   Dendo (Volta)   Denu (Volta)   Diari (Northern)   Dixcove (Western)   Dodowa (Greater Accra)   Domanko (Volta)   Donkorkrom (Eastern)   Donkoro Nkwanta (Brong Ahafo)   Dormaa Ahenkro (Brong Ahafo)   Duadaso (Brong Ahafo)   Duayaw Nkwanta (Brong Ahafo)   Dumbai (Volta)   Dunkwa on Ofin (Ashanti)   Dwommo (Brong Ahafo)   Dzodze (Volta)  

EEfutu (Central)   Ejura (Ashanti)   Elmina (Central)   Enchi (Western)   Esiam (Central)  

FFanti Nyankumasi (Central)   Fawumang (Ashanti)   Fenyi Yokoe (Volta)   Feyito (Greater Accra)   Fian ? (Upper West)   Frami (Central)   Funsi (Upper West)  

GGagbiri (Upper East)   Gambaga (Northern)   Garu (Upper East)   Gbintiri (Northern)   Goka (Brong Ahafo)   Gomoa Akotsi (Central)   Gomoa Feteh (Central)   Guabuliga (Northern)   Guaso (Brong Ahafo)   Gulubi (Northern)   Gushiago (Northern)  

HHalf Assini (Western)   Hamile (Upper West)   Hani (Brong Ahafo)   Hedzranawo (Volta)   Hian (Upper West)   Ho (Volta)   Hohoe (Volta)  

J Jamasi (Ashanti)   Jasikan (Volta)   Jenene (Brong Ahafo)   Jinjini (Brong Ahafo)   Jirapa (Upper West)   Juaben (Ashanti)   Juansa (Ashanti)   Juapong (Volta)  

K Kade (Eastern)   Kadjebi (Volta)   Kaleo (Upper West)   Kamompa (Brong Ahafo)   Kaparigu (Northern)   Kasoa (Central)   Katanga (Volta)   Katchebi (Volta)   Kato (Brong Ahafo)   Kenyasi 1 (Brong Ahafo)   Kenyasi 2 (Brong Ahafo)   Keta (Volta)   Kete Krachi (Volta)   Kibi (Eastern)   Kintampo (Brong Ahafo)   Kitari (Volta)   Kkwantanang (Eastern)   Koforidua (Eastern)   Kokua (Brong Ahafo)   Konongo (Ashanti)   Kpandae (Northern)   Kpando Fesi (Volta)   Kpandu (Volta)   Kparepare (Volta)   Kpasa (Volta)   Kpetoe (Volta)   Kpong (Eastern)   Kpotame (Volta)   Kubori (Northern)   Kukuom (Brong Ahafo)   Kumasi (Ashanti)   Kumawu (Ashanti)   Kumbungu (Northern)   Kunso (Ashanti)   Kwame Danso (Brong Ahafo)   Kwamikrom (Volta)   Kwapon (Brong Ahafo)  

LLangbensi (Northern)   Lawra (Upper West)   Lungni (Northern)  

MMafi Akyemfo (Volta)   Mafi Alavanjo (Volta)   Mafi Anfoe (Volta)   Mafi Asiepke (Volta)   Mafi Dadoboe (Volta)   Mafi Kpedzeglio (Volta)   Mafi Kumase (Volta)   Mafi Kumase (Volta)   Mafi Wute (Volta)   Mamekrobo (Eastern)   Mampong (Ashanti)   Mankessim (Central)   Matse (Volta)   Mawoekpor (Volta)   Mayara (Brong Ahafo)   Medie (Eastern)   Menji (Brong Ahafo)   Mim (Brong Ahafo)   Monkaringa (Northern)   Moyiri (Upper West)   Mpasatia (Ashanti)   Mpraeso (Eastern)  

NNadowli (Upper West)   Nakpanduri (Northern)   Nakpayili (Northern)   Nalerigu (Northern)   Nantwie Kura (Volta)   Navrongo (Upper East)   New Brosankro (Ashanti)   New Edubiase (Ashanti)   New Tafo Akim (Eastern)   Newtown (Western)   Nkawkaw (Eastern)   Nkoranza (Brong Ahafo)   Nkwaben (Brong Ahafo)   Nkwanta (Volta)   Npuasu (Brong Ahafo)   Nsawam (Eastern)   Nsawkaw (Brong Ahafo)   Nsuatre (Brong Ahafo)   Nwereme (Brong Ahafo)   Nyakrom (Central)   Nyakrom (Central)   Nyamebekyere (Ashanti)   Nyankpala (Northern)   Nyinahin (Ashanti)  

OObuasi (Ashanti)   Odoben (Central)   Okrakwajo (Eastern)   Osumasi (Ashanti)  

PPaga (Upper East)   Papase (Volta)   Pina (Upper West)   Pokukrom (Ashanti)   Pong Tamale (Northern)   Prampram (Greater Accra)   Pramsakuma (Eastern)   Prang (Brong Ahafo)   Prestea (Western)   Pwalagu (Upper East)  

SSaboba (Northern)   Safwi Akontombra (Western)   Salaga (Northern)   Saltpond (Central)   Sampa (Brong Ahafo)   Savelugu (Northern)   Sawla (Northern)   Sefwi Bekwai (Western)   Sefwi Dwenasi (Western)   Sefwi Wiawso (Western)   Sege (Greater Accra)   Sekodumase (Ashanti)   Sekondi (Western)   Senchi (Volta)   Senya Bereku (Central)   Sibi (Volta)   Soe (Upper East)   Sogakope (Volta)   Sokpoe (Volta)   Somanya (Greater Accra)   Sugudi (Upper East)   Suhum (Eastern)   Sunyani (Brong Ahafo)   Swaba (Brong Ahafo)  

T Takoradi (Western)   Tali (Northern)   Tamale (Northern)   Tampiong (Northern)   Tanoso (Brong Ahafo)   Tapa Abotoase (Volta)   Tarkwa (Western)   Techiman (Brong Ahafo)   Techimantia (Brong Ahafo)   Tefle (Volta)   Tegbi (Volta)   Tema (Greater Accra)   Tepa (Ashanti)   Tojeh (Greater Accra)   Tokor (Volta)   Tokuroane (Volta)   Tumu (Upper West)   Tuobodom (Brong Ahafo)   Tutukpene (Volta)  

V Vakpo (Volta)   Vume (Volta)  

W Wa (Upper West)   Walewale (Northern)   Wanturu (Northern)   Wawaso (Volta)   Wawjawga (Northern)   Wechiau (Upper West)   Wenchi (Brong Ahafo)   Wiawso (Ashanti)   Winneba (Central)   Worawora (Volta)   Wulensi (Northern)   Wulugu (Northern)  

YYagaba (Northern)   Yala (Upper West)   Yamfo (Brong Ahafo)   Yeji (Brong Ahafo)   Yendi (Northern)   Yorkutikpo (Volta)   Yukwa (Central)  

ZZabzugu (Northern)   Zebila (Upper East)   Zoggo (Northern)   Zuarungu (Upper East)  
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