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Macedonia most commonly refers to:

  • North Macedonia, a country in southeastern Europe, formerly known as the Republic of Macedonia
  • Macedonia (ancient kingdom), a kingdom in Greek antiquity
  • Macedonia (Greece), a traditional geographic region spanning three administrative divisions of northern Greece
  • Macedonia (region), a geographic and historical region that today includes parts of six Balkan countries (see map)

Macedonia, Makedonia, Makedonija, or Makedoniya may also refer to:

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A Arachinovo (Skopje)  

BBatinci (Skopje)   Bedinje (Northeastern)   Belcista (Southwestern)   Beranci (Pelagonia)   Berovo (Eastern)   Bistrica (Pelagonia)   Bitola (Pelagonia)   Blatec (Eastern)   Bogdanci (Southeastern)   Bogomila (Vardar)   Bogovinje (Polog)   Bojane (Skopje)   Bosilovo (Southeastern)   Brvenica (Polog)   Bucin (Pelagonia)   Bukovik (Skopje)   Bulachani (Skopje)   Butel (Skopje)  

C Cair (Skopje)   Capari (Pelagonia)   Caska (Vardar)   Centar Zupa (Southwestern)   Cesinovo (Eastern)   Chegrane (Polog)   Chucher Sandevo (Skopje)   Creshevo (Skopje)   Crniliste (Pelagonia)  

D Debar (Southwestern)   Delcevo (Eastern)   Delogozda (Southwestern)   Demir Hisar (Pelagonia)   Demir Kapija (Vardar)   Desovo (Pelagonia)   Dobarce (Polog)   Dobri Dol (Polog)   Dobroste (Polog)   Dobrusevo (Pelagonia)   Dolna Banjica (Polog)   Dolneni (Pelagonia)   Dolno Kolicani (Skopje)   Dolno Orizari (Pelagonia)   Dolno Palciste (Polog)   Dolno Srpci (Pelagonia)   Drugovo (Southwestern)   Dzepciste (Polog)  

FForino (Polog)  

G Gevgelija (Southeastern)   Gjorce Petro (Skopje)   Golema Recica (Polog)   Gorno Orizari (Pelagonia)   Gorno Orizari (Vardar)   Gorobinci (Eastern)   Gostivar (Polog)   Gradec (Eastern)   Gradec (Polog)   Gradsko (Vardar)   Grchec (Skopje)   Grncari (Pelagonia)   Gurgurnica (Polog)  

IIdrizovo (Skopje)   Ilinden (Skopje)   Ilovica (Southeastern)   Ivankovci (Vardar)   Izvor (Northeastern)  

JJankovec (Pelagonia)   Jegunovce (Polog)   Jurumleri (Skopje)  

KKadino (Skopje)   Kamenjane (Polog)   Kanatlarci (Pelagonia)   Karbinci (Eastern)   Kavadarci (Vardar)   Kicevo (Southwestern)   Kisela Voda (Skopje)   Klechovce (Northeastern)   Kochani (Eastern)   Konce (Southeastern)   Kondovo (Skopje)   Kosel (Southwestern)   Krani (Pelagonia)   Kratovo (Northeastern)   Kriva Palanka (Northeastern)   Krivogashtani (Pelagonia)   Krushevo (Pelagonia)   Krushopek (Skopje)   Kuklish (Southeastern)   Kukurecani (Pelagonia)   Kumanovo (Northeastern)  

LLabunishta (Southwestern)   Larce (Polog)   Lazani (Pelagonia)   Lipkovo (Northeastern)   Lisicani (Southwestern)   Ljubin (Skopje)   Logovardi (Pelagonia)   Lojane (Northeastern)   Lozovo (Eastern)   Lukovo (Southwestern)  

M Makedonska Kamenica (Eastern)   Makedonski Brod (Southwestern)   Marino (Skopje)   Markov Grad (Pelagonia)   Matejche (Northeastern)   Meseista (Southwestern)   Miladinovci (Skopje)   Miletino (Polog)   Miravci (Southeastern)   Misleshevo (Southwestern)   Mogila (Pelagonia)   Morani (Skopje)   Murtino (Southeastern)  

N Negotino (Vardar)   Negotino (Polog)   Nerashte (Polog)   Novaci (Pelagonia)   Novo Selo (Southeastern)  

OObleshevo (Eastern)   Obrsani (Pelagonia)   Ognjaci (Skopje)   Ohrid (Southwestern)   Oktisi (Southwestern)   Oraovica (Southeastern)   Orashac (Northeastern)   Orizari (Eastern)   Otlja (Northeastern)  

P Pehcevo (Eastern)   Petrovec (Skopje)   Pirava (Southeastern)   Pirok (Polog)   Plasnica (Southwestern)   Podares (Southeastern)   Poroj (Polog)   Prilep (Pelagonia)   Probishtip (Eastern)   Prsovce (Polog)  

RRadishani (Skopje)   Radolishta (Southwestern)   Radovish (Southeastern)   Rankovce (Northeastern)   Resen (Pelagonia)   Romanovce (Northeastern)   Rosoman (Vardar)   Rostusha (Polog)   Rusinovo (Eastern)  

SSamokov (Southwestern)   Saraj (Skopje)   Sedlarevo (Polog)   Sekirnik (Southeastern)   Selce (Polog)   Shtip (Eastern)   Sipkovica (Polog)   Skopje (Skopje)   Slatino (Polog)   Slepce (Pelagonia)   Slupchane (Northeastern)   Sopishte (Skopje)   Sopotnica (Pelagonia)   Srbica (Southwestern)   Srbinovo (Polog)   Sredno Konjare (Skopje)   Star Dojran (Southeastern)   Staro Nagorichane (Northeastern)   Stojakovo (Southeastern)   Strelci (Southwestern)   Strimnica (Polog)   Struga (Southwestern)   Strumica (Southeastern)   Studenichani (Skopje)   Susica (Southeastern)   Suto Orizare (Skopje)   Sveti Nikole (Eastern)  

T Tearce (Polog)   Tetovo (Polog)   Topolcani (Pelagonia)   Tuin (Southwestern)  

UUsje (Skopje)  

VVaksince (Northeastern)   Valandovo (Southeastern)   Vasilevo (Southeastern)   Vatasa (Vardar)   Veles (Vardar)   Velesta (Southwestern)   Veljusa (Southeastern)   Vevcani (Southwestern)   Vinica (Eastern)   Vladimirovo (Eastern)   Vranestica (Southwestern)   Vrapciste (Polog)   Vratnica (Polog)   Vrutok (Polog)  

ZZajas (Southwestern)   Zelenikovo (Skopje)   Zhelino (Polog)   Zitose (Pelagonia)   Zletovo (Eastern)   Zrnovci (Eastern)  
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